My Week In Books (w/e 5th July) #booknews #bookupdates #mygarden #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly reading round up, and also the first post of July. It has been another week where the weather has been dictating what I can do, showers have been frequent and so has the humidity. The good thing about this is that the garden has been growing away madly, the downside is that so have the weeds!!!

Back in May we cleared part of the garden for a grass area where I geese used to live. Along with a few shrubs and trees it didn’t look inviting, but I could imagine what it would eventually look like. I am pleased to see the grass growing and all the transplanting seems to have taken.

What a difference a few weeks make, the first picture was taken on 29th May, the second today 5th July. The grass has had its first proper cut a couple of days ago and will need over-seeding in places, especially where the sparrows had their dust baths!

The veg garden and flower border are in full flow at the moment and it seems that every day there is more growth and therefore more to eat or look at!

Now for the books I have read this week…

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What a gorgeous read The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts by Alison Sherlock was. Amber was just supposed to be stopping over in the village of Cranbridge, she wasn’t supposed to be staying long, helping out as long as she did or the various other things that happened along the way. A wonderful read with a touch of drama, a smattering of romance and a tractor. Keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog tour.

Pre-order your copy HERE.

A crime thriller read was next with The One Who Got Away by L. A. Detwiler that was quite dark as I followed the worries of an elderly lady who recently moved into a home. The worries and concerns are brushed off as part of her dementia, or the mutterings of an old lady, but Adeline knows she is not wrong about some things. I did enjoy this book though at times I did feel it was a little slow or maybe that I was too impatient to discover more. This is another book 7 in the #20booksofsummer reading challenge.

Purchase HERE

Sunshine and Second Chances by Kim Nash is another wonderfully brilliant read by this author. If you have read her two previous books then you will already love her writing and you won’t be disappointed with this one. Four women catching up on holiday after many years of not seeing each other sees a few home truths and realisations come to the forefront of conversations. A superb read that I read in one sitting and loved as did my Mum, we are both agreed that Kim is an author we both love and will both immediately buy any of her books.

Purchase HERE

I am loving the Alex Cohen series and Midtown Huckster by Leopold Bortinski is the 3rd book in the series. Set in the US at the time of gangsters, prohibition, racketeering and corruption it focuses on Alex. He is the leader of Murder Corporation, a small group who work for the various crime bosses eliminating problem people. With prohibition coming to an end and Hoovers Federal Bureau investigating the bosses things are looking bad for Alex. A brilliant read and keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog Tour soon.

Pre-order HERE

Well that is me done for another week. I was checking out some of the numbers this week and I have the following –

Goodreads Challenge = 132 books read so far out of 200 for the year, 31 ahead of schedule.

NetGalley = reached my 200 reviews and earned another badge, and also 96% feedback ratio

Amazon = I am in the Top 50 of reviewers which I am still in shock about.

Blog = has just over 800 followers and since I started in feb 2017 I have published 825 posts.

Twitter = still amazes me and I have just over 5,400 followers.

Billy & Buster had a new toy this week, needless to say, they loved it 🙂

So that leaves me to wish you all a wonderful week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week in Books (w/e 21st June) #booknews #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly wrap up of books I have read. This week has been quieter, one of those “not much really happened” weeks. So let’s get straight into what I have read…

When I received and email from Alison at Elliott & Thompson entitled “A Funny Nature book” I was intrigued and after reading the synopsis I knew this would be for me. Into the Tangled Bank by Lev Parikian is a delightful and humorous account of Lev’s observations on how people interact with nature, or how nature interacts with us. I really enjoyed the author’s style, witty and humorous pointing out the obvious. Keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog Tour.

Next I read All We LEft Behind by Danielle R. Graham, this is set in Vancover in 1941 and is the story of a couple who have been friends since childhood and then realise as they get older that they have a deeper connection. Hayden is Canadian, Chidori is Japanese Canadian and when Japan bombs Pearl Harbour Chidori and her family are moved by the government. This is a beautiful story and one I really enjoyed and I think readers of historical fiction and romance would really enjoy it as well.

“Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry”

As there is no cover or synopsis on Goodreads or Amazon at the time I write this I have no cover to share, you will see it when the Blog Tour starts. Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry is a suspense filled thriller and it was a fabulous read. The death of an elderly man in hospital followed by the death of the nurse who cared for him is just the start for this brilliant story. It is a story that has far reaching implications for some and for other it brings the past well and truly back to the present. This was an addictive read and one for suspense, crime and thriller readers.

I have also finished listening to the Audible version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets narrated by Stephen Fry. How is it that I have not really got into reading this series but instead prefer the audio-book? I think a lot of it has to do with the narration. This is the second in the series and I think most people of aware of this series. I enjoyed this and would recommend it.

Well that is it for me this week. As there was a break in the weather I was able to get caught up with weeding rather than reading. As I sit here, it’s Sunday morning and the roast is in the oven, I think how ironic it is that we are officially in Summertime and I am wearing a jumper, it looks more like autumn…

Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 14th June) #booknews #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Well, what to say about this week… Well… Woohoo it rained 😁I know I am not the only who is delighted to see the rain, it means my veg and flower beds have had a much-needed soaking. It also meant that my rhubarb has gone absolutely mad and I spent some time out in the drizzle picking loads and giving it away to neighbours. We do have a lot of rhubarb crowns, I think there is just over 20 of them 😂

So let me share with you the books I have read this week…

This was such a lovely read and it is the first time I have read anything by this author. Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff by Della Galton sees Clara looking after the clifftop hotel while the owner has to fly off to a family emergency. While Clara is in charge there seems to be someone who is out to cause problems. Is it the neighbouring hotel, or is there someone else. I loved this story and it had me hooked as I read it from start to finish in one afternoon.

I cannot believe I missed my Blog Tour spot for this book. Thankfully Rachel messaged me and I soon rectified my oversight. Helen is a favourite author if mine which is why it was even more mortifying. So I picked up Coming Home to Heritage Cove by Helen Rolfe and read it in one sitting, this is quite normal when I pick up one her books. Melissa makes a trip back to her home, it is a nervy return as there are things that she needs to deal with, things that had been left unsaid and things left undone. A fabulous read and I love this start to a new series.

This is a book that caught my eye when I saw the Blog Tour for it. Before I Die by Jackie Morrissey is a book set within an elderly community. Though Maureen is getting on in years, she is not stupid and is completely aware that something is not right. However, making her daughter believe her is extremely difficult when carer Delores has got people believing Maureen is losing the plot. This is style of story is one that has a believable feel to it especially when you listen to news reports. Keep an eye out for my review on the Blog Tour.

Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous read The Beauty of Broken Things by Victoria Connelly is. A story of broken things that refers not just to objects but people, two people in particular. Luke and Orla do not know each other but they have a link to each other that is gradually explained through this story. A story of survival and finding the will to live life rather than hide from it. I loved this so much and keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog Tour, in fact scratch that just go and buy a copy!

I really enjoyed The Wedding Favour by Lily Bartlett as I saw Nellie and Rafael meet and organise their marriage of convenience. The convenience that Rafael will be able to stay in this country and that Nellie won’t have to pay back the money a magazine has paid for the wedding. The wedding was originally for Nellie and Matt, but he decided he needed time out to think!!!! Ideal for readers who like fake date and rom-com reads.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and I am delighted to say I enjoyed the second book just as much. Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 2 by Nick Albert continues the story of his and his wife Lesley’s new life in Ireland as they repair, renovate and make their home more liveable. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere on a mountain brings its own challenges. Yet again the humour is noticeable from the start as Nick armed with his DIY book does a lot of the work while Lesley undergoes hospital treatment for back pain and from a reaction from tablets. This is a wonderful read and once again I loved it.

Well, that is me done for the week as far as reading goes. Just going to leave you with a couple of loaves of bread I made…

Fruity Bread and a Chocolate Banana Bread and they taste great toasted with lashings of butter!

The recipe, well it is just a basic white bread recipe that I then add extras too, yep that’s it

Have a good week ahead and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 7th June) #booknews #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Another week has gone and I am still trying to get my head around the fact that it is June, I am still typing May!!!

I had a lovely surprise from the Owners and Manager of the Residential Home I work at. When I answered the knock at my front door and saw my manager standing there I thought “Oh Sh…ugar! What have I done!!! Then I realised he was smiling, that was a relief!!! He and his parents have bought each member of staff a gift in appreciation of our hard work during the pandemic. I was speechless, very unusual for anyone that knows me well 😂😂

So let me show you what I have read this week…

If you after a proper laugh out loud book then look no further than Gina Kirkham‘s book Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong, it is hilarious. It is part fact and part fiction and is based on Gina’s own experience as she joins the Police Force. I have had this on my TBR for a while now and when I knew fellow Book Blogger Zoe was doing an #Authortakeover it was the perfect opportunity to pick it up. A hilarious read and the start of a series of books that is perfect for lifting the mood. You really do need to head over to Zoe’s blog and read the extracts, the Q&A and the interviews with Gina they are hilarious. Here is the link for her Blog – Zooloobookdiary

This is the first book in my #20booksofsummer reading challenge. Her Husband’s Secrets by Louise Mangos is a domestic thriller as Lucie decides to take a trip to Switzerland and meets Matt. Overtime they develop a relationship, but what happened for her to end up in prison? A tense and intriguing thriller that I enjoyed.

I am on a roll as this is the 2nd book I’ve read in the #20booksof summer challenge and what a dark book The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor is. A book that deals with some tough themes such as domestic abuse, child abuse and obsession. I will say that the author does not go into details about the child abuse, instead she dwells on the feeling of the individual such as fear, shame and guilt. An addictive read that unfortunately does have relevance to things that have happened in the news with high profile celebrities recently. It is a book I would recommend.

After two very dark reads I felt it was time for something lighter and decided to read The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary, and tick a 3rd book off the #20booksof summer challenge. I didn’t read the synopsis for this book, and when I got into it more I discovered this also had a darkness to it as Tiffy is stalked by her ex and has to deal with his obsessive and possessive traits. This is however superbly balanced by the flatshare storyline. I absolutely loved this book, it has dark elements, but there are so many other things going on in it and I would highly recommend this one.

So quite a good week, 3/15 books off the challenge and I think I will definitely be adding another 5 lucky dip books to the challenge so that I will read the full 20!

So before I go I will leave you with a photo from one of the lounges where I work. As I work nightshifts, it is the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes and watch the sunrise. It’s the only way I ever get to see this time of day!!! This view is across Falmouth Bay and it is such a stunning view. It isn’t often I take a photo through a window, but the third picture was just caught right!

The photo’s really don’t do the colours I saw justice, just goes to show that that nature can outdo technology!

Well, then it is time to wish you all the very best and wish you a good week ahead.

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 24th May) #bookupdates #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Usually I post this on a Monday, but as I have a Blog Tour review tomorrow I thought I would bring it forward a day. In doing this I am going to confuse myself and possibly one or two others 😂

This week has been very random as far as the weather goes, from shorts and t-shirts to leggings and woolly jumpers in the matter of a couple of days, but then I guess it is a Bank Holiday this weekend (UK) so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

So down to what I have read this week…

This is the first time I have read anything by Kerry Kaya and I have to say I will be reading more of her books as I do have some on my kindle. The Price is a gangland thriller that focused more on brothers Fletch and Spence, well actually more Fletch but as he does look out for his brother he is also a large part of the story. A brilliantly addictive read.

I absolutely adored Rainy Days for the Harpers Girls by Rosie Clarke, this is the third book in the series and I wish I had read the the previous books, but it does work very well as a stand alone. Set in the run up to WWII, this is a story of family, friendship and loyalty and it is a gorgeous read.

I loved That Holiday In France by Rhoda Baxter, a light read that see’s Ellie standing up for herself and not being a doormat to her boyfriend. I loved how Ellie changed from so-and-so’s girlfriend to being her own person and how she was challenged to find her self. Another fabulous read and one that you can easily read in an afternoon.

How amazing is this book, well take it from me it is amazing. The Little Teashop in Tokyo by Julie Caplin is gorgeous. The author combined an addictive storyline with a cultural emersion into Japanese life, showing the contrasts between the modern and the traditional and I loved it. It is a romance that is very addictive and then there is so much more as well with references to food, tradition, art, tourism and food and a Tea Ceremony and food and well I think you get that I may have liked this one a lot.

I am a big fan of Mary Wood and this is The Brave Daughters and it is the 4th book in The Girls Who Went to War series, I am loving it and will probably finish it later on in the afternoon.

What I listened to…

I have finished The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy narrated by Stephen Fry. I read the book several years ago and loved the quirky humour to this bizarre sci-fi classic. The narration added a whole other dimension to the book and he really brought it to life for me. It is well worth the Audible Credit if you are a member, if not I think it is around £10 and so still worth it.

Before I go I am leaving you with some photographs of some of my foxgloves because… well just because 😁

Well that is it for me for another week. So I wish you all the best in the coming week.

Yvonne xx

My Week In Books – well last Two Weeks In Books #booknews #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly post about books I have read, I say weekly but last week I didn’t do one because I had other posts scheduled. I am a Book Blogger who prefers to post once a day, unless I get my scheduling wrong! I am sure my good friend Teagan will be pleased to see this post as she was asking where her weekly fix of books was! 😍

So what did I read…

I am a big fan of Rich Amooi, and his latest book Just Another Silly Love Song is a fabulous rom-com read. It pits two rivals against each other as they have to join forces. Their on air banter and arguments are brilliant and had me laughing at heir antics. Rich is definitely the King of Rom Coms and I loved this one a lot.

The Kompromat Kill by Michael Jenkins is the second book in this series and even though i have not read the first it works well as a stand alone. This is a good espionage thriller that I really enjoyed. Ideal for readers who like complex plots that have you racing around the world trying to discover the secrets and lies. Keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog Tour.

I am a big fan of Conn Iggulden and his latest book The Gates of Athens is a brilliant read. This author does historical fiction in such an accessible way and this book takes the reader back to Ancient Greece with the battles between the Persian army and the Athenians, it also includes the Spartan stand. A brilliant read and one that had me hooked.

Now for something a little different I requested this from NetGalley and I have to say I had great fun drawing dinosaurs, helicopters and various other things. Learn To Draw (Almost Anything in 6 Easy Steps) by Rich Davis is a great book for kids (and big kids) to try their hand at easy to follow drawings. A brilliant book that I really liked.

I thoroughly enjoyed As Greek As It Gets by Sue Roberts and it was a really nice escapism read. I thought I knew how this one was going to end and was quite surprised, in a nice way obviously. It is a story of nerves, doubts and feeling a little left out. A lovely story that I will share my review for as part of the Blog Tour.

Yes it is mystery book time… This book is the next in the DS Malice Series and it is a brilliant read. As there are no details about this book on Goodreads or Amazon I am not going to say too much about it apart from it is a brilliant read. Keep an eye out for my review when it’s published.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain was a book that I was really interested in. While I did enjoy the story of Billy I did find that it dragged a little in places. In my opinion, it is a book I see working better as a film.

What I’ve been listening to…

I cannot think of a better person to narrate Rudyard Kipling’s – Selected Just So Stories than Johnny Morris. I loved watching Animal Magic as a child and listening to Johnny and hearing his voice reading these stories brought back good memories. This audio is not the full version of the Just So Stories, but is a very good selection and i have to say I really, really enjoyed it.

I listened to Sherlock Holmes – The Sign of Four narrated by the fabulous Stephen Fry. This is the second book in the Definitive Audio Collection and it is one I really enjoyed. I actually found this one easier to listen to and more enjoyable than when I had first read it.

Well, that’s all the books I have read and listened to over the past two weeks, and it leaves me to say that I wish you all a good week ahead.

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

My Week In Books #Booknews #Bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my latest round-up of books I have read. Before I show you those let me show you what I have been up to this week.

I have been baking and gardening, and I was delighted to be able to get a bag of compost in with my delivery from our local wholesale suppliers. So as well as a big sack of flour, yeast, various other dried goods and veg I also got my compost. The delivery guy was great and said that during this outbreak “everyone has turned into either a home baker or farmer!”If you are in here in Cornwall or Devon then Westcountry Fruit Sales have a Bulk Buy site and you can them HERE

So baking wise, I have some chives growing in the garden so they got chopped up and went into Cheese and Chive Bread as well as making a Basic White loaf.

Also made some cakes, well you have to have a balanced diet after all… So coconut and cherry rock buns, traditional rock buns and ginger cake was the order of the day… The cakes I make are always a nice yellow as I use our own goose eggs.

The garden is coming on well, flowers and veg are slowly getting there. Now I may not have the prettiest garden garden fencing but it is essential for keeping the geese out, but also the dogs. They are little buggers for eating veg when it starts growing! And I love my garden by the way 😍

So lets get down to the books. Once again it has been an excellent week for reading, it also helped that I had a week off work, though i am now back. I quite enjoyed being home.

The Wave by Virginia Moffatt was a cracking read and when I saw the synopsis for it for the Blog Tour I immediately jumped on it. It is set in Cornwall and centres around a handful of individual people who have met by coincidence. Most of Cornwall is trying to evacuate, this group decide they are not going to make it to safety before a tsunami hit land. It is told from the perspective of each person and frequently changes person in the telling. I got completely wrapped up in this and my review is due shortly.

Wow! This was full of suspense and drama and had me hooked. The House on Rectory Lane by Staurt James was a great read and was another book I took on as part of the Blog Tour. It is about a family who move from the noise, hustle and bustle of London to a village. The house is old but seems perfect, but things start happening, odd comments from villagers and then… well I didn’t see that coming!

Jo Thomas has a new book coming out so of course I am going to read it. Escape to the French Farmhouse is a gorgeous book and I loved it. The story is of a couple who move to rural France, things go pear shaped and he leaves. Del, well she decides to stay, a hard decision to make as she is alone in a strange country but it is the best decision she makes. This is a stunning read and the focus, as well as the characters, is also on Lavender and its uses in cooking. Well as I already bake and I do have various lavender plants in the garden this hit the right notes for me and I will be experimenting with some lavender themed cakes soon. Fabulous book and review is due in a couple of weeks.

What an amazing book When All Is Said by Anne Griffin is. 84 year old Maurice Hannigan is sat at a bar, he will order 5 different drinks in a toast to the 5 people who have made a difference in his life. Each of these drinks represents a milestone or important landmark. With each drink the story of the person is told. This was such an amazing read and I loved it, a historical fiction as such as he remembers his life through the years. It is a poignant read and quite emotional. I will share my review over the next couple of weeks when I have a space between my Blog Tour posts.

Now Ross Greenwood is an author who definitely delivers, his new book The Soul Killer is dark and is deliciously devious and twisted. If you like twisted crime and suspense books then check this one out. This is a story that starts as two different threads that gradually merge. One thread is from the perspective of the investigators, the other thread from the killer. This is such a great way of getting into the head of a psychopath and makes for exciting reading. This is the 2nd book in DI Barton series, and somehow I missed that one, so I can say that The Soul Killer works well as a stand-alone.

What I listened to…

I finished listening to Gulliver’s Travels, while the narrator was good and I enjoyed it, I have to say I did prefer the book. It is one I have read a couple of times over the years. I think the book works better because a lot of the story is more Gulliver’s thoughts and observations and it is something I like as a reader. As a listener I think I prefer more drama, action and dramatic productions. This leads me nicely on to the next Audio I listened to…

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling is a free download for Audible members and as I have recently listened to the first Harry Potter book this seemed to be a good choice. It is a collection of stories and has a few narrators such as Jude Law and Warwick Davies, and this is where I like the mix of narrators and the dramatised versions as it helps to bring a story to life.

Well, that is me done for another week and so I will wish you all a Happy and Safe week ahead.

Yvonne xx

My Week In Books (w/e 12th April) #Booknews #Bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another week of bookishness. Like many people I have been getting on with some baking. It is something I regularly do, although I admit that I occasionally used to make my own bread, I am now making it regularly.

The bonus to making homemade bread is that I always make enough for two 1lb loaves, now as there are only two of us it is a bit too much. There is however, method behind my madness… half the mix makes up a loaf the other half gets made into my version of Chelsea Buns and they do freeze down well.

As it was Easter I also decided to try my hand at Hot Cross Buns. Now I know what the Other Half is like for buns and cakes and when the recipe said the mix was for 12, I knew straight away I had to double the mix and that way I could freeze some down.

You may notice there is one of the Hot Cross Buns missing… well I had to make sure they tasted okay and the best way is when they are straight out of the oven, it did and yes I burnt my tongue. Oh the suffering I have to put myself through…😋🤣😂

Right, let me show you the books I have read this week…

Last week I had just started to read The Memories We Buried by Helene Leuschel and I quickly found myself caught up in it. This is, as the title indicates, is about memories and with memories come secrets and what a compelling read this book was. There is a good psychological thread through it as I discovered more about the main characters and gradually started to see the bigger picture. Excellent read.

I read The Wheelwright’s Daughter by Eleanor Porter for the upcoming Blog Tour. This is set in Elizabethan England and is the start of a series about Martha and the village she lives in. An unfortunate event has the finger of blame pointed at Martha and there are accusations of witchcraft.I really enjoyed this book and even though I did feel it was a little on the slow side due to it being the start of a series, it did capture my attention and I found myself eagerly reading. The only downside was the bit of a cliffhanger, but this has the effect of leaving me wanting to know what happens next.

Another first in a series book, well actually its a trilogy, The Book of Koli by M.R. Carey. Now I have read this author before and was blown away by The Girl With All The gifts, its such an amazing book, so when I saw there was a Blog Tour for him I immediately signed up. The Book of Koli is a dystopian and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it again has a slower pace as it is the first book and therefore sets the groundwork for what is to follow. I got to discover more about Koli and the community he lives in. It is told from his perspective and for me it worked so well. The world the the author creates is great and I am waiting eagerly for the next books.

I could have sworn I had read this author before but it seems I have books that I have bought but have yet to read, I do know I am not alone in this either. Willow’s Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano was a book that I immediately got caught up in as I discovered all about Willow and her dreams of marrying long-term boyfriend Charlie. This author has written a story that at first glance looks like a rom com, and yes it does have that feel to it, but it is also deceptive in the way the characters have been used. A story that kept me on my toes as I tried to work out who was telling the truth and… I’m leaving it there as I think I could quite easily give away to much. Keep an eye out for the blog tour.

So, what am I currently listening to…

Well, I have never read any of these books, I have tried a couple of times to read the first one in the series and for some reason they don’t capture my attention. I have seen the films and yes I enjoy them and when I saw that Audible Stories had the first book to listen to for free I hopped on over to have a listen. Now I have to say Stephen Fry is an amazing narrator and I loved this version.

Well, it’s Harry Potter & The Philopsohper’s Stone by JK Rowling. In fact i am enjoying it so much I used one of my Audible Credits to buy my own copy, and while I was there used another credit to buy the second book as well.

Well that is me done for the week, I am not sure which book I am going to pick up next, so I wish you all a great week ahead.

Yvonne xx

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My week In Books (w/e 29th March) #BookUpdates #BookNews #MeAndMyBooks

March has definitely marched on and is almost done and we have had some lovely weather and it has given me the chance to get out in the garden. Potatoes and onions are all planted now and various veg and herb seeds have been sown, had a good picking of Rhubarb and I can see my asparagus shooting.

So onto the books I have read this week…

I have had The Nowhere Child by Christian White on my Netgalley shelf and I fancied reading it. This story was about a child who had been missing for over 20 years and is told in a Then and Now format. It was intriguing and had a few surprises, at times emotional and definitely a book that had a few twists. A good read and one I would recommend.

I then read Rabette Run by Nick Rippington for the upcoming Blog Tour. I have read his Boxer Boys series and thoroughly enjoyed them, Rabette Run is nothing like those books, this is a story is about Emerson Rabette and his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and also of a past event. A fast paced read that the showed a disorder at its extremes. Excellent read.

I was so glad to go back to Cockleberry Bay, The Gift of Cockleberyy Bay by Nicola May is the third book in the series and I loved catching up with the regular characters and this book sees big decisions, secrets and starts with a storm. Love this series and cant wait to share my review as part of the Blog Tour.

Audio-Books this week were…

I finished The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett, this was a childhood favourite. I did find that as an adult this was still a brilliant book, but I was aware that some things did make me wince. It is a story that does have some remarks that would now be considered to be racist, but this is often the case with books.

I have now just started to listen to Romeo and Juliet, this, like The Secret Garden, is free to listen to on Audible Stories. This version of Romeo and Juliet is a dramatised version and I do admit it makes it easier to digest with Joseph Fiennes, Maria Miles and Elizabeth Spriggs as part of the cast.

Well, that is me done for another week. Have a good week everyone and take care of yourselves

Yvonne xx

My Week In Books (w/e 22nd March) #Booknews #Bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another week of books I have read. As we all struggle to come to the reality that is the world at the moment, I like others worry about what will happen.

There are many free resources out on the internet at the moment. One of them is for Audible Stories, it is a resource that has been made free and there is no sign up required. It is aimed at children but it has some Classic Stories that I am a big fan of. I am currently listening to The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett, a childhood favourite of mine.

Here is the link for Audible Stories or you can just type Audible Stories into your browser.

Anyway, to the books I have read…

On last weeks round up post I was just about to start Mine by Clare Empson, and what a cracking read it was. It is about family relationships as an Luke finds and meets his birth mother. It is a story that was very addictive and you can read my review as part of the Blog Tour at the end of the month.

What a wonderful read From Venice With Love by Rosanna Ley was. It the story of sisters, family and secret letters from a past era. A wonderfully evocative read that I absolutely adored. Keep an eye out for my review.

This was such a good book, but I do think that it will not be for everyone especially given its subject. Goldilocks by Laura Lam is a story that is so current. Earth is dying as climate change and disease are rife, see what I mean about it being not for everyone! But it is a book that is more about the relationship between 5 women and for me this was the book was about, as well as the obvious disease and climate threads.

What a brilliant book Clover Cottage by Christie Barlow was. It is the third book in the Love Heart Lane series and yes you could read it as a stand-alone, but why would you want to miss out on the previous books. This story focuses on Rory and Allie, about the dreams and their futures. A brilliant read.

If you like your crime to be macabre then you need to have Killing Pretties by Rob Ashman on pre-order, its released on 30th March and is a fantastic read. A thriller that has such a great psychological aspect, its brutal and fantastic but definitely not for the light hearted, it had me wincing a time or two!!!! Absolute belter of a read.

Audio-books read listened to…

I finished The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, it was a good listen and then I did watch a film version based on the book that I found on Prime Video.

Then I listened to the first story in the Sherlock Holmes Collection – A Study In Scarlet, I love Stephen Fry as a narrator and he really adds some wonderful dynamics.

The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett is a story I loved from childhood. I will admit that Audible Stories is not as good to use as Audible where I can download my book, streaming a book means I have to remember my place when I next listen so I can forward to my place again.

Many thanks for reading my post, I wish everyone a safe week ahead.

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