My Week In Books (w/e 10th Jan) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly bookish round-up, well I say bookish but I’ve also been watching stuff as well! Another slightly quiet week as far as reading goes, also a week that was definitely on the “dark side”!

A while ago I binged on The Mandalorian on the Disney Channel, and then decided to re-watch the Star Wars Films. It definitely helped with understanding The Mandalorian . I have stuck with the main films and so far havewatched the Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy and am currently on The Sequel Trilogy. I didn’t realise just how many other spin off’s and other films there actually was until I started to look for the chronological order!

Last week I mentioned the new version of Stephen King’s The Stand, I watched the first episode on Starz and I enjoyed it, so far so good. Slightly different timeline format to the original but still very enjoyable so I am definitely going to stick with it.


So the Dark Side with the films, The Stand features the Dark Man and the reading this week has been more on the darker side of crime fiction.

Forgotten Lives by Ray Britain is a fair lump of a read at just over 400 pages, with every page very worth it. One that I really, really enjoyed. It is the second book in the series and yes I do wish I had read that one first, but Forgotten Lives does work very well as a stand alone. Keep an eye out for the review soon.

I almost missed reading this one in time and I am so glad of an email that was sent out a few days before the tour was due to start! Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell is a cracking read, twisted, full of dead ends, brilliantly written and had me absolutely hooked. I am so glad I read this in time and you can see my full review HERE.

All done for another week, I do have a couple of books on the go at the moment. I don’t often read more than one book, but one is a cookery book… its an excuse that is as good as any! 😂😂

Happy Reading folks, and have a good week ahead.

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (Christmas & New Year Reads) #booklove #bookblogger

Hellooo and welcome. My last blog post was 23rd of December and I decided to take Christmas & New Year off from Social Media as much as I could. As much as I love blogging and keeping up to date with all of your literary journeys, I needed some downtime or screen-free time. So now to catch up with all you good folk and hope you all had a Good Christmas and New Year. I almost want to call it An Alternative Christmas as it was definitely a lot different for some, not so much for me and Him. Rather than dwell on what has passed, let us look forward to the year ahead.

Before I do that though, here’s a round up of the books I read over the my festive social media break… Oh I have realised that my last Weekly “My Week In Books” post was actually 8th December 2020! So here is what I have read since then.

So these 10 books take me up to the end of 2020. This is now the ideal time to update you on my Goodreads final tally…

So a new year sees’ the start of a new Goodreads Challenge. Again I have set it for 200 as this for me is an achievable target over the year. Well, that is unless more like the series Bridgerton arrives on Netflix…

It is a great period drama, erm it has fine acting and some good costumes… who am I kidding it’s a brilliant bodice-ripping drama and I loved it! Only one problem IT WAS TOO SHORT A SERIES!!!!

Deep breath and compose…

I have read a couple of books this year already, I do admit one was a carry over from last year 🙂

I have also been watching an older TV series Steven King’s The Stand ( King appears in this film as well). I have the DVD and it has been years since I last watched it. While this may seem a little random to mention, I do it because there is a new adaption of The Stand. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the original made in 1978, i can remember hiring a VHS of this film lol!

I am looking forward to the new adaption and here, as with all King’s films there are lovers and haters, they always seems to divide opinion, but it is very much a case of each to their own!

Well this line up works for me 😉😁 I just have to wait until we can watch it here.

So, this is me done for now. Started with a look back and now with my eye towards the future!

I wish you all a great week ahead.

Take Care,

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books – a day later than usual (w/e 6th December) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to my weekly book wrap up of what I’ve read over the past 7 days. It is a day later than usual as I had a Blog post yesterday, and you do know how I prefer to have one post a day!

So, once again this week has been a definite mixed bag of genres. I do like to mix things up 🙂

As always the links included are Amazon affiliate ones and may earn me a small commission, at no cost to yourselves. Alternatively check out your local or independant bookshops.

This is what I have read…

53828339. sy475

I adored Finding Love at the Christmas Market by Jo Thomas. Jo is one of those authors who I automatically read when I see a new book. This has all the lovely Christmas vibes, it atmospheric, festive and just a fabulous read. If you are a fan of Jo’s books then I know you are going to love it as much as I did.

Purchase HERE

52856155. sy475

I was so pleased when I received my approval for The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse from NetGalley. I have since signed up to the Blog Tour for this book so you will have to wait a while for my review! This is a brilliantly twisted story that I found very hard to put down. It is atmospheric, has an isolated location and is a cracking read.

Pre-Order HERE

This may look familiar if you visited my Blog yesterday as this was my review post! The Lies of Our Fathers by Jonathan Mark is a brilliant action packed, espionage, spy thriller that I absolutely adored. The second book in the trilogy that does read well as a stand-alone, but I do think as it is a trilogy it is best read in order.

Read my full review HERE

Purchase HERE


This is someone who I have not heard of before, but I have seen some of the images and didn’t realise until I started reading this book. David King – Designer, Activist, Visual Journalist by Rick Poynor is a wonderful book to sit and flick through or to read over time. King was a journalist who  fused art, design, illustration with activism in a very visual way. This is a great introduction to the man and if you like art, history and biographies then this one may well be of interest to you.

Purchase HERE

There we go the, I did say it was another mixed bag 🙂

Stay safe and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 29th November) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Wow! End of November has arrived and thi9s means I really need to get my Top Reads of 2020 sorted. Unlike the year 2020, books have been a constant thing, they haven’t let me down, they have been a source of enjoyment and have really helped me. I know many others have felt this way over these past months, I also know that some have also struggled with reading. Luckily for me I have kept reading, I have had the odd week where I may have only read 2 or 3 books but I have kept reading.

After last weeks festive theme, I am back to my usual mix (I know a certain someone will be pleased to see this and hopefully is still talking to me! You know who you are 😉😂) So this week the is some crime, a bit of fiction, a dash of dystopian and a non fic to add into my literary cocktail.

As always, Amazon UK links included are affiliate links. Of course you can also order through your local book shop 🙂

53419878. sy475

I am a huge fan of this author and Bliss Uncovered by Tony Forder is a prequel to the much loved Bliss series. This is a chance for the fans of DI Bliss (AKA Bliss-ettes) to step back in time to when Bliss was younger. I was dubious about this novella but after a few pages I was hooked. I am wary of prequels that are written after a series is already up and running but I am so glad the author knows what he is doing, and he does it so well. A packed novella that I would definitely recommend. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour.

Purchase HERE

55540685. sy475

Another favourite author of mine is Lucy Coleman, The Villa of Dreams is a wonderful book set in Portugal as Seren starts a new job in a new country. This is such a gorgeous book that not only takes in the sights and culture of Portugal but also incorporates art, fashion and of course a lovely romantic theme. If you have read any of Lucy’s books then you will love it and get ready to be transported. Fabulous read and you’ll be able to see my full review as part of the Blog Tour.

Purchase HERE

54299412. sy475

This is a new to me author and I have just been looking at his other books and I am pleased to see there are lots more out there. Containment by Nick Thacker is asked to investigate a deadly virus to see where it came from, and the virus turns out to be man made! This is set after Covid and it is mentioned a couple of times, but not dwelt on. This is a fast paced read and yes there is some science but it has been kept at a manageable level so that it doesn’t overtake the story. A cracking read and very addictive. I will post my full review soon.

Purchase HERE


There is something about steam trains that bring out a nostalgia in many people. I have been on a few steam trains while on holidays and there is something magical about them and this book is a fabulous insight into not just steam trains the the railways. When I looked further into Julian Holland I discovered he has written a vast array of books. While railways and trains may not be everyone thing I thoroughly enjoyed the historical trip back in time. Quite an addictive read, well one I have been reading over the past couple of weeks actually! I was fortunate to receive a hardback copy, its gorgeous, and I think it would make a great gift idea.

Purchase HERE

Well another week done. Have a fabulous week and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 22nd Nov) #booklove #booksread #MeAndMyBooks

This week seems to have a definite festive fiction read as I have suddenly come to that point in the Blog Tours where the review books have a Christmas feel. When I think back to a time before my blog, I wasn’t really a romance reader and now I definitely look forward to them.

As always, there are purchase links to Amazon, these are affiliate links and earn me a small commission on qualifying purchases.

First up though is…

55944518. sy475

Dead Already by Tim Adler, this is the first time I have read anything by this author and I am glad there are a few more of his books to pick up. This is a a book that has a crime thriller element but also an eerie psychological aspect to it. It has the feel of an old time gangster story that flits back and forth in time to fill in all the details. Thoroughly enjoyed this one and keep an eye out for the up coming Blog Tour.

Purchase here

Now for the festive ones…

55814676. sy475

A Christmas Wedding at the Castle by Eliza J Scott was an adorable read and it was so good to be back in the village of Lytell Stangdale as Livvie and Zander are getting preparations ready for their wedding. I adore this authors Life on the Moors series and this latest one has a lot more to it than first meets the eye. Each of these books focuses on one of the main characters, so while it okay and easy to read as stand alone, they are much better read in order. Old secrets, old animosity and new beginnings are just the tip of the iceberg. Full review will be as part of the Blog Tour.

Purchase here

55584811. sy475

Another welcome return to a community with Christmas in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May. This is the 4th book in the series and I have loved each book. As always there are dogs and this time more babies as Rosa starts to work on her charity Ned’s Gift. I really enjoy the humorous comments and antics of the characters as they go about their everyday lives but mixed into this there are some heart-warming moments and some dodgy characters. Another Blog Tour review to keep an eye out for.

Purchase here

53851948. sy475

Another welcome journey was to Christmas at the Waffle Shack by Helen J Rolfe. I love Helen’s books and this one is just a gorgeous read. I mean Waffles!!! Need I say more? This is the 2nd in the Heritage Cove series and it focuses on, well obviously the Waffle Shack, but also the blacksmith’s run by Lucy. Definitely sparks, but also nerves and pasts come into play with this story. Can a person change? Can they start over and heal a rift? A book you need to read on a full stomach or you will be reaching for the biscuit tin to keep you going as mentions of waffles and their toppings and the… I think I had better stop there I’m feeling hungry again! Gorgeous read and another one to watch out for as part of the Blog Tour.

Purchase here

A wonderful week for reading and a great chance to read a new author and also catch up with some of my other favourite authors.

Take care and Happy Reading,

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 15th Nov) #readingchallenge #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Well this has been an interesting week for me as I have finished my Goodreads Challenge. I completed the 200 books that was my target at the beginning of the year.

To some this will be a big number, to others not so much. While I don’t pressurise myself into having to read a certain amount of books, it is nice to complete a goal. Last year I read just over 230 books and I could have upped my target for this year, but reading is an escape, I enjoy it and I don’t ever want it to become something that I feel I have to do just to hit a target. This is why I like the Goodreads Challenge, it is flexible and it can be changed up or down.

As always, the links included are Amazon Affiliate links and these will earn me a small commission.

50656621. sy475

Map’s Edge by David Hair is 400 pages of magic, fantasy, danger and adventure. I loved this book and it is the first time I have read anything by this author. It is the fist book in The Tethered Citadel and I meet a community that lives on the edge of society, misfits, drop outs or those not wanting to be found. They embark on a journey to discover a magical source that will give them a chance for a new start. Not all will make it! Fabulous book that I would definitely recommend.

Amazon UK Link

54699876. sx318

Fifty Words for Snow by Nancy Campbell is a non-fiction book of, well the title does say it all really – 5o words for snow. Well, that isn’t all it is at all! This is a gorgeous book that has words from around the world, from different cultures, religions and folklore. Yes snow is involved in all its different forms and the author has created a gorgeous little book that I found extremely addictive. Keep your eye out for the Blog Tour and my full review soon. The hardback copy is a gorgeous book. Get a copy from Amazon UK or other good book shops.

48657814. sy475

The Heat by Sean O’Leary is the first of the two novellas I mentioned earlier. This is a story that is in some respects one of not just doing the right thing but also about a journey of self discovery. The main protagonist is like a drifter, he has no real responsibility or roots as he meanders along in life until something happens that means something to him. This is a contemporary fiction read that I found intriguing and my review will be part of the upcoming Blog Tour.

53299667. sy475

This is the second novella I read. In the Sweep of the Bay by Cath Barton and it is a wonderful story that is set in Morecombe. It is such a simple story about life and marriage but has been beautifully told. This is a story of falling in love, getting married. Then you fall into the routines of everyday life, this is what happens with Ted and Rene in this very down to earth and gorgeous story. Keep an eye for the Blog Tour and my full review.

Pre-order – Amazon UK

Well there we go folks, all that remains is for me to wish you all a good week ahead.

Take Care

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 8th Nov) #booksread #booklove

I write this just after standing outside for the 2 minutes silence. A very strange Remembrance Sunday as normally I stand in our village square with many, many other people. It was still a sombre feeling but I do so hope that next year things will be back to normal and we can once again show our respects as a village joined together.

This week has been quite bizarre as I have spent a lot of time watching TV waiting for the results of the American election. I don’t do politics on my blog, but I have to say I am very happy at the outcome.

So, let me show you what I have read this week…

55760141. sy475

I am a fan of The Crampton of the Chronicle series by Peter Bartram and so I was delighted to recieve a signed copy of his latest book The Beach Party. These books are set in the 60s in Brighton, Colin is a crime reporter who always finds himself in the thick of things. A sleuthing mystery read that has a good deal of tongue in cheek British humour. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Blog Tour.

54104076. sy475

I was so happy to get a spot on the Blog Tour for Harpers Heroes by Rosie Clarke. This is part of a series and it is a historical fiction, family saga series. Harpers is an Emporium where employers and employees are like family. The author share the worries, loves, losses and expectations of key characters as the First World War begins. A fabulous story that could be read as a stand alone but works so much better when you read the series.


Sometimes visual imagery works better for some non-fiction books and it is certainly the case for Fragile Planet – The Impact of Climate Change. This is a book that has images on every page with just a small caption explaining what you are seeing. Some images show comparisons from not only years apart, but in some cases months. It is a gorgeous book that really does have an impact, it does sound wrong to say it is a gorgeous book given the subject, but it is. I will write up a review for this soon.

Another week wrapped up, all that is left is for me to wish you a wondeful and safe week ahead.

Happy Reading,

Yvonne 🙂 xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 1st Nov) #booksread #bookupdate #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly update of books I read last week, a day late due to a Blog Tour yesterday but better late than never.

October has been an odd month with uncertainty and doubt. I was going to take part in NaNoWriMo this month but with so much going on in this country and around the world I think I would rather focus on reading rather than writing.

So, lets get cracked on with the three books I read this week…

(The links are all affiliate ones and earn me a small comission)

The Ice Killer by Ross Greenwood is the third in the DI Barton series and it does follow on from the previous book, so it makes sense to read this series in order. This is such and intriguing book that leaves bodies strewn and while you do learn who the killer is you gradually get the story of why. The alternating chapters adds tension and suspense and is a cracking read. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Blog Tour for my review.

Purchase link – Amazon UK

50815163. sy475

From crime to historical fiction and to another author who has featured before on my blog is Nicola Pryce and her latest book The Cornish Betrothal. This is the 5th book in the Cornish Saga series. I really do like this author and her ability to transport be back in a literary sense. The year is 1798 and it is set in Cornwall, the county I live. It is a wonderful story of love, loss, relationships and finding the out the truth. A fabulous cast of characters and such an addictive storyline. Keep an eye out for my review.

Purchase link – Amazon UK

It's Raining Men by [Rich Amooi]

Now this is an author who I adore and is guarenteed to put a smile on my face. It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi sees the King of rom-com back with his latest book. This is a great read and one that was perfect for reading on a blooming horrid wet and windy day while I was sat inside in the warm. While the reader can see what they hope is inevitable it is the journey that the author takes you on until his characters realise their fate. I love it when I see an email about a Blog Tour for this author, keep an eye out for my review.

Purchase Link – Amazon UK

Well, another week done, I wish everyone a good week ahead as England enters its second lockdown.

Stay safe and happy reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 18th October) #books #flowers #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly book update of books I have read. Before I start with the books I have a few plant pics. Earlier this year I received a gorgeous gift box from my bosses at the care home I work at. In there was a gorgeous tea rose. Well, on further investigation I discovered it was actually 4 roses in the pot. Me being me thought well ideal I can get 4 roses potted on and here is the one I kept in the kitchen, just in case the ones that went outside didn’t make it (they did by the way 🙂 )

This rose is now bigger than the original four that first arrived!

Even though it is autumn my window sills are full of colour. My impatient cyclamens decided they had enough of waiting and have flowered much earlier than they normally would. The lazy orchid has now decided to join the party and has finally decided to open as well!

I tell you, I would be lost without kitchen window sills 😍😂

So, time for the books I have read this week…

I could have sworn I had read Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh but it turns out I hadn’t so I was delighted to discover this brilliant story. Devious as usual and also very twisted that had me second guessing myself so many times. Yes I know it was a sister that was responsible for the crime, but which one and why, well… Excellent story and so addictive as well. Ideal for crime, thriller, mystery readers who like a psychological edge to their reading.

So from crime I decided to go back in time, to the end of WW1 to be exact with Until We Can Forgive by Rosemary Goodacre. This is the thrid book in the Derwent Chronicles, and yes I suppose you could read as a stand alone but then you would miss out on the bonds that make up the friendships. This doesn’t have the danger and drama as the previous book as it was set during the war, but it does have a different drama of trying to get back to real life, for soldiers returning to civilian life, for dealing with life changing wounds and also the loss that people feel for those that never returned. This is a gorgeous book and one that historical fiction and saga readers will love. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour.

Oh my goodness this book!!!! I recently read the first book (Choices Shape, Losses Break) in this series and Futures Beckon, Pasts Threaten by Nia Lucas continues the contemporary fiction and edgy story of Lorna. A teen who had so many troubles and is trying to come to terms with a future without two important people in her life. As the previous book is still in my thoughts I was already invested in this character and cared about what happened next. Oh my poor emotions went through the wringer and the author has once again done such an exceptional job with Lorna. This is a contemporary fiction, it does have adult themes and I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I do have it on pre-order.

Well, that is me done for another week. Im off to turn the roast potatoes and get the veg on, it is Sunday Morning as I write this after all. In case your wondering its roast pork this week, with apple & mixed berry crumble 🙂

Have a wonderful week, take care and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 21st September) #booksread #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Well here we are again, it doesn’t seem that long since I was writing last weeks post up. A day later than usual this week because I had a Blog Tour book review yesterday. It’s been one of those “nothing much happened weeks” so I’ll just get straight on with the books…

Any regulars to my blog will know how much I adore the Kent Fisher Mystery series. The latest is No Love Lost by Robert Crouch, it has a very appropriate tag line “THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL” well that is very true indeed. A slightly different feel to this book as Kent deals with some challenges of a personal nature. As always the writing is brilliant and I was immediately caught up with dilemmas, deceit and lies. I feel a change on the horizon, but who for? Hmmmm!!! Another wonderful book in this amazing series that is ideal for those who love a good whodunit style mystery.

The next two books are also in the whodunit style mystery genre, but rather than being in present day they are set in ancient Egypt.

These are the first two books in the Rai Rahotep series, these books have been republished by Transworld books and I am delighted to be on the Blog Tour for these books as I thoroughly enjoyed them both and I have also bought the next book in the series. Nefertiti and Tutankhamun by Nick Drake are brilliant books, the first a little slower but it’s a fully immersive book that gives you a lot of details about the time. Rai Rahotep is, well I suppose he would be a detective, he looks for clues and asks questions rather than jump to conclusions or, as others do, beat the truth out of people. I really enjoyed both of these books and they are a mix of mystery and also historical fiction.

That’s it for me for this week, and I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Yvonne xx

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