My Week In Books (w/e 2nd October 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another week of books I have read. It is just going to be a quick one this week as I am on annual leave and as the weather is so nice I don’t want to be stuck inside on the computer.

It has been a productive week on the book reading front, I have managed to clear through some of the non-fiction books that have been on the go and dotted around the house. This has bumped up my Goodreads tally, and briefly, for Saturday, I was on schedule, of course by Sunday I was back to being 1 behind again ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is what I have been finishing off and reading…

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide by Lia Leendertz – this is a fabulous hardback book of everything seasonal for next year. From moon phases, planting times, important dates and so much more. I loved this book and it’s one I would definitely recommend, the full review will be in a couple of weeks.

Observing Our Solar System – A Beginners Guide by Tom Kerrs – is a wonderful little book that is full of tips, advice and information about the basics of looking into the night sky. Great for those starting out as it gives info on using the naked eye, through to computer-guided telescopes. Happy to recommend it. Full review to follow.

Everybody Pays by H. Max Hiller – I have read and loved all the books in this series and this one is amazing. This is the 6th book and the title is so appropriate. I would suggest reading this series in order as there is a lot of information that will help in the later books. This is a tough, gritty, mob-related and police procedural style series. Full review this week. Highly recommended.

Go Here Instead – The Alternative Travel List – as an armchair traveller I do like books that show the different areas and sought of the world. This is a really interesting book that I enjoyed reading through. Rather than the tourist-ridden sights, this book offers alternative destinations. These may not necessarily be in the same country or even on the same continent. This is one I really enjoyed and I would happily recommend it. Full review to follow.

Betrayal by Kerry Kaya – This is the 1sy book in The Tempest series, the Tempests are a family under change as husband and father Terry has recently died. Not knowing quite how he made his money is something that his wife Tracy, and sons Ricky and Jamie have to work out. This is a brilliant intro to this family, it is a gang-related story and one that does get dark and gritty, with some hard-core action. Great read and a full review as part of the Blog Tour.

There we go, a week of nature, the natural world and crime. A really interesting and different week for reading and my current read falls into neither of these categories. You will have to check back next week to see what it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week

Happy Reading

All the best,

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 21st August 2022 #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly update of books I have read. This week has been so much cooler, we have had proper wet rain rather than that mizzzerly stuff. The grass is green again and things in the garden are just looking so much better. After a proper rain wash, they are looking clean and not so drab. Not that I have had much time to spend outside as I have been pulling kitchen units apart and putting new ones in. It’s going to take ages to get used to where everything is now. I seem to spend more time opening and closing doors trying to work out where something is, before I get to the end of the cupboards I forgot what I wanted in the first place! I know I am not going to be alone in this either ๐Ÿ˜‚

I have been to the dentist this week for an extraction. My jaw still feels bruised and there is some infection on the site, I do have gum disease so this is not surprising really, but at least it is getting better and I don’t look like a hamster with a cheek full of food… I kid you not. At least a hamster looks cute!

One of my new orchids has decided to flower, this is one that I bought earlier this year and it has two flowering stems on it so I am delighted with that. The Dendrobium that I bought last year has started to flower as well, the orchid behind it is one that has either been flowering or has had flower buds on it for over a year now.

Here are the books I have read…

The Natural Navigator by Tristan Gooley – ok I didn’t read this one but I did listen to it. A very comprehensive look into navigation over history and to the present day. Ideal as a starting point as this does cover a lot, you can then choose further reading if you want more information about a particular way of navigating. An interesting one to listen to and one I really enjoyed.

The Darkest Sin by D. V. Bishop – Oh Wow! This was an amazing read and it is the 2nd boo in the Cesare Aldo series, and yes you really do need to read the first book. This one is on my Top Reads of the Year List. Murder, mystery, secrets, historical fiction and I loved it.

The Rules of Everything by Richard Templar – is a book that is a bit different for me, non-fiction about life choices, behaviour and living. The author has taken the Top 10 rules from his other books and condensed them into this one. The full review should be later this week.

There we go another three-book week this week. I have one more book to read for the #20booksofsummer reading challenge and I think I have three reviews to publish for it as well as a couple of other reviews.

I hope you all have a great week,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 7th August 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

I am just doing a quick flying visit this week for the books I have read. It has been a good reading week and as is usual I have a good mix.

41086964. sy475

Crushed by Kate Hamer – I won a signed hardback copy of this book several months ago and I have been meaning to read it, this is why it went on my #20booksofsummer list. This is the story of 3 girls as they grow from teens to adults. It has their worries, their anxieties and is a dark story. Very interesting and some shocking events in this coming-of-age story. Full review soon (ish)

59346729. sx318

Billy Connolly – Windswept and Interesting – this was the audiobook I got this month and I was enjoying it so much that I also bought the tree book. I have grown up hearing his name, his jokes his TV chatshow interviews and then his documentaries. And don’t forget he was also the Dwarf King in The Hobbit! This book is narrated by Billy and he is honest and open with sharing his beliefs, opinions and also his comedy. Full review to follow soon (ish), I do need to catch up with publishing my reviews!!!

61142670. sy475

The Couple at Causeway Cottage by Diane Jeffrey – I have read a couple of this author’s books so when she got in touch to see if I wanted to read her latest one it was most definitely a” Yes Please”. This is the story of a couple who make a fresh start in a new home, but a secret in the past makes itself known and it becomes something that cannot be ignored. Atmospheric story with an ending that I really didn’t see. Full review on 18th August when the book is Published.

There we go, three books and another hot week ahead.

Take care

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 24th July2022) #booklove #bookupdates #inthegarden #MeAndMyBooks

Another week done and dusted, I hope all of you #booklovers who went to Harrogate had a great time. I say this every year, and I will probably say it a few more times as well, but ” I will go one year!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

The weather has finally cooled for the time being and I have to say I am enjoying the fresher cooler air. It also means I can spend a bit of time outside in the garden getting caught up on a few jobs and looking to see what has been growing.

The veg is doing really well at the moment, and the flowers are really starting to show their full blooms.

Now for the books I have read…


The Sanctuary by Andrew Hunter Murray – this is a story that surprised me, I didn’t expect it to take the route the author decided upon, but I am very glad he did. This is one for fans of crime, thriller and mystery novels and one I would happily recommend.

35469211. sy475

Bloody January by Alan Parks – I have already read some of the books in this series, but not the first or second ones. s I have been enjoying further books in this series, I did want to go back to where it started. While I do wish I had started this series from the beginning, I am also glad that I have read it in the wrong order. I know very convoluted, but it was great to have knowledge about what is to come. Definitely recommend this one.

53934298. sy475

The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean – I know of this author from some of the Tuva Moodyson series, but this book is very, very different to that. This is a stand-alone story that is shocking, heartbreaking and so very addictive. Brilliant reading and one I would definitely recommend.

These three books will have their reviews published here on my blog in the next week or so. They are all part of the #20booksofsummer reading challenge.

The next book is for an upcoming Blog Tour.


Rough Diamonds by Gillian Godden – this is part of a series that just gets better and better. The Diamonds are a tough family, but after the death of a family member, things change. A gritty tough, gang-style thriller that is brilliant. Full review in a couple of weeks.

There we go, four books this week. I have also been watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Yes, I know many of you have been watching it but I never really fancied it. I decided to give the first series a go last week. I am now about to start series three! I can see why it is a favourite for many viewers.

Have a great week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 26th June 2022) #booklove #bookupdates

Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read this week. Just a quick one from me this time as I only read three books. Busy doing other stuff and not so much reading.

The Memories in Blood by Guy Cross – this was a fab read, more psychological than horror, but had some pretty creepy moments and was very mysterious. Full review next Monday.

The Cottage on Winter Moss by Allie Cresswell – is a gorgeous story between the past and the present. I adore this author’s books and writing style. Full review also next Monday.

The Discarded by Louise van Schalkwyk – is a tense and mysterious read and one that I found quite captivating. Full review next week.

There we go, I did say it was a quick one this week.

Have a great week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 19th June 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #inthegarden #MeAndMyBooks

I have just realised I didn’t do a book update post last week!!! To be honest I didn’t actually read that much so I will update on what I have read this week.

It has been a good time for the garden flowers and veg. We have a week that had some of the highest temps on Thursday and Friday, followed by rain, wind and a thunderstorm. Not a major storm, just a few rumbles and that was it, quite disappointing really as I do love a good bit of thunder and lightning.

I cautiously went down the garden this morning (Sunday) and was surprised to see that there wasn’t any damage to the flowers. Plenty of loose petals and a few leaves and that was it. Suprised, becuase the foxgloves that are getting towards 6 feet tall and not supported are still upright! Also, from what I can see, the apples are still on the tree ๐Ÿ™‚ The veg is looking good, nice and clean looking now the rain has given them a good dousing.

Here are the books I have read…

The New Doctor at Peony Practice by Christie Barlow – this is another Love Heart Lane book and I adore this series. Full review tomorrow.

The Ballad of Perilous Graves by Alex Jennings – a weirdly, quirky and brilliant read about magic, and demons, set in New Orleans. Full review on Thursday.

On The Scent by Paolo Totaro – Interesting book that is quite topical given the number of people, me included, that had or still have lost the fifth sense due to Covid. Also a more in-depth look at the sense of smell and the impact or effect it can have on your life. Full review on Friday.

They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark – I have read this book as part of the month-long read-along with #lovebookstours over on Instagram. I have been answering set questions and I will post my full review here on my blog at the end of this month. Historical account based on letters between Dean and Connie Sherman during WWII.

There we go, another week bites the dust.

And, here is a thing… do you know it’s the summer solstice tomorrow! Yes, 21st June is the longest day! How on earth did we get here so quick?

Here are a few facts

  1. This year it falls on Tuesday, June 21 – when the UK will enjoy 16 hours and 43 minutes of daylight. The sun will riseย at 4.43am andย set at 9.22pm. This year, it will fall at exactly 10:13am in the United Kingdom.
  2. Also known as midsummer or the estival solstice.
  3. There are two solstices each year – one in the winter and one in the summer. The summer solstice occursย when theย tilt of Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the sun and is directly above the Tropic of Cancer.
  4. Under the meteorological definition, which splits the year into four seasons of three full months each based on the Gregorian calendar, winter starts on 1 December every year, and summer starts on 1 June.
  5. Earth isnโ€™t the only planet with solstices and equinoxes, any other planet with a rotational axis would see them, too.

All information was gathered from the internet ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week, enjoy the longer day, I was going to say enjoy the sun! But, as we all know the weather does its own thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Reading,

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 5th June 2022) #mygarden #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

What another lovely week it has been. The weather has been hit and miss, a mix of gorgeous and (almost too) hot days with the occasional wet one. I don’t mind the odd wet day this time of year as it means it waters the garden for me and fills up the water butts.

For some, it has been the chance of a long weekend, but for most of us, we still have to work. Luckily I did have Thursday off and that was a day that I literally spent outside all day. I could hear the family fun day in the park near us with music being played and an entertaining DJ, he is a local chap and so he knows he can have a laugh with. It made an entertaining day as we weeded, tidied and caught up with various random jobs.

As you can see from this photo, the park is not far from us. The bottom of our garden had to be fenced off years ago to stop the dogs from munching their way through our vegetables! This was taken from my bedroom/ office window and I like this view a lot.

I did buy a few new plants the other day. One was a gorgeous red coloured cordyline that I got for the front garden, it was to replace a rather leggy rhododendron. I think it looks great now it is planted.

Here is what I have read this week…

The Siege by John Sutherland – this is a tense thriller, it felt like a slower-paced story but wasn’t slow! Detailed, addictive and brilliant to read. Full review later this month.

Daisy’s French Farmhouse by Lorraine Wilson – fun and entertaining, a lighthearted read with dogs and romance. Full review soon.

Reputation by Sarah Vaughan – a fabulous psychological thriller set in the halls of power. Totally gripped while I was reading this book. Full review soon. This is also the first book on my #20booksofsummer challenge.

The Forgotten Beach by Amanda James – gorgeous reading, brilliant storyline and I loved this. A different cover style than her usual books and I really like this. Full review soon, and number 2 on my #20booksofsummer challenge.

All done for another week,

I wish everyone a fabulous week ahead

Take Care

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 29th May 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #dayout #MeAndMyBooks

I have had a really good week this past week. The weather has been great and I decided it was time to re-start my National Trust Membership. One of my favourite NT places to visit is Godolphin House and Garden. The house itself isn’t always open, but it is the gardens I go there for. I haven’t been for well over 2 years so it was great to return and see how things had changed. It isn’t one of the larger properties and this is why I love it so much. A great place to stop and unwind. listen to the birds, have a picnic and read a book, which is exactly what I did. A lot of the more formal grass areas have been rewilded and it has made such a difference to the insects I was able to see, many moths and butterflies were flittering and tumbling around. I was also quite engrossed in watching a hole in part of the old stone wall where a blue tit was flitting in and out feeding its chicks. I did try to get photos but it was so fast!

Here are a few pics and then I’ll get onto the books I have read…

Each of this week’s books was an amazing one to read. Similar and yet very different, secrets, lies and dilemmas. The final book I had been looking at for over a couple of weeks, it is a non-fiction book. All the books are for upcoming blog tours over the next few weeks.

Airside by James Swallow – crime, suspense and thriller based in an airport. An addictive and mysterious story and one that puts the main protagonist in a dilemma. Definitely recommended.

The Mirror Man by Lars Kepler – is a brilliant book, brutal and shocking at times but completely addictive. A one-sitting read.

Chemical Cocktail by Fiona Erskine – a brilliant and addictive mystery story, secrets, time is of the element and fast-paced. Loved it.

The Gin Sisters’ Promise by Faith Hogan – I love this author’s books and this one is a gorgeous read. Family secrets, anger, but with the hope to maybe start again. Definitely recommended.

Faces We Love – Shanghai by Derek Muhs & Marisa Tarin – is a gorgeous book of portrait photos taken in the city of Shanghai, amazing to look through and each one tells its own story. Definitely recommended.

There we have it, another week done and dusted and also another month has gone by.

Have a fabulous week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My (last two) Week in Books (w/e 15th May 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

First things first, I want to say a huge and massive thank you for all the shares over the last couple of weeks. I was on annual leave, the first week I went up to see Mum and Dad, and the second week was some me time and a chance to step away from Social Media for a while.

As well as catching up with Mum and Dad I was able to read the odd book or two!

I have already published a couple of the reviews on my blog, so I have included a quick link. I have also managed to catch up with a few NetGalley titles as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Outcast by Chris Ryan – brilliant action, adventure, conspiracy read. Full review HERE

A Most Private Bank by Andreas F. Clenow – intense, crime and suspense set in finance. Full review in a couple of weeks.

The Reckoning by Kerry Kaya – gangland, crime thriller and fab read. Full review HERE

Retreat to the Spanish Sun by Jo Thomas – it is a Jo Thomas book so need I say more! Gorgeous romance, review to follow.

We All Have Our Secrets by Jane Corry – family, secrets, contemporary fiction, fab read. Review to follow.

The Island by Adrian McKinty – tense mystery, family, secrets, crime, thriller. Full review to follow.

Codename Edelweiss by Justin Kerr-Smith – historical fiction, conspiracy, action, adventure. Brilliant book. Full review tomorrow.

Have a fabulous week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 3rd April 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly round-up. Actually, this is a round-up from the past two weeks. Last week I took an unscheduled and very unexpected week off from my blog so I have some catching up to do.

Last Saturday I tested positive for Covid, my husband then tested positive on Tuesday so we have both been isolated. He is the one with the dodgy immune system and he luckily didn’t suffer as much as I did. I had all the symptoms, temp, cold, aching, constant headache and feeling really tired, I have spent a lot of time sleeping. For him, he has the cold side of it with a temp. It is so annoying as we have both been super careful, had all our jabs and haven’t been going out anywhere.

It seems that the trend now is for people to spread it around as restrictions are lifted even further and isolation time is reduced. While I do understand the theory behind herd immunity, it is however having some very drastic effects in the workplace. I am still suffering the effects of this virus and still have the cold, headache and fatigue, but the temp has gone.

You may think as I have had almost 10 days off, as I write this, that I would have read a good amount of books. Truth is, I have read possibly a little less than normal. Again another symptom of Covid is that I felt a lack of motivation to do much at all. I think this is down to the tiredness. So here is what I have read over the past two weeks…

The Girl Beyond the Gate by Becca Day – thriller, intriguing, full of suspense. Great read.

The Patient by Tim Sullivan – police procedure, crime, thriller brilliant

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke – twisted, devious, thriller. Great read.

The Dark Queens by Shelley Puhak – non-fiction, early dark ages, history, bloody and brilliant.

Blood Sentence by Keith Nixon – police procedural, crime, twisted and first book in series. Excellent read.

What’s Next by Shari Low – contemporary, fiction, family and friendship. Enjoyed it a lot.

City of Vengeance by D.V. Bishop – historical fiction, murder mystery, atmospheric. Looking forward to reading the next in this series.

So there we go 7 books over two weeks, not too bad really considering.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead,

Happy reading

Yvonne xx

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