My Week In Books (w/e 16th January 2022) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

I am not quite sure how I managed it, but I read 5 books this week! To be fair though, there hasn’t been much that I have fancied watching on TV so that explains a lot. Not that I watch much TV though.

Here is what I read…

The Garden by the Sea by Amanda James is another gorgeously heart-warming read set in Cornwall. A story of new beginnings and fresh starts as well as people coming together as a community. You can read my full review HERE

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This is a new author to me and Takeover by Edie Baylis was a brilliant introduction. This is a hard-hitting gangland crime thriller that had me hooked. Samantha is not fully aware of exactly what her father does as she has her own career that she is building. Things however are soon made clear when she suddenly finds herself running her fathers empire. Addictive, fast-paced and one for crime thriller fans., Full review at the end of the month.

55676326. sy475

Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman is a historical fiction book that the author has woven, myth, fantasy and a wonderful mystery into. I loved the historical setting and context of this story but it was the mystery side of this that really had me hooked. How does a vase, the death of Dora’s parents, an Uncle and jewellery all connect? A brilliant read set in London, 1799. Full review next week.

58294567. sy475

Another historical fiction book, The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs was a gorgeous book that mixes fact with fiction. It also provided me with some wonderful follow up reading on the internet. This is set in 1835 and is the story of two women who join to embark on writing a cookery book. Eliza and Ann come from very different backgrounds and yet find a common love of food. This was such a brilliant book and if you are a fan of Historical fiction then you want to think about adding this to your list. Full review as part of the Blog Tour.

59234685. sy475

WOW! Off Target by Eve Smith was an amazing read! I am so glad that I replied to the Blog Tour invite for this book. I have not read the authors previous book, Waiting Rooms but have seen loads of great things about it. Off Target is a near-future dystopian thriller that had me hooked. This is a story that is so thought-provoking and in some ways, there are basics of this book that do actually happen. If you could have therapy to remove a gene to prevent your child from developing a serious, fatal or debilitating disease would you go through with it? This is a very basic premise of this book, the route the author took is one that had me hooked as she weaves some serious effects, opinions, outcomes and points of view in this book. Keep an eye out for my full review next month.

There we have it, five books and all fabulous read and all recommended.

Take Care and Keep Safe

Happy Reading

Yvonne ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 9th January 2022) #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Hello, and welcome to my weekly wrap up of books that I have read over the last week. The weather certainly has taken a turn for the worst, cold, wet windy and also thundery. It seems that we don’t have a drizzle or a shower instead it chucks it down.

I am certainly looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out in the garden. It’s a good job I have plenty of house plants to keep me occupied. I spent a while removing the dead and dying leaves from my carnivorous plants in the window sill and tidying up some of the many others I have in just a couple of rooms. I still have the ones in the kitchen to go through! Can’t ever have enough plants or books ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is what I have read…

56871483. sy475

I received a copy of You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen McManus via Amazon Vine and it had purple sprayed edges! This is a Young Adult book and one that had plenty of twists and turns. I did like the connections that were made in the latter third of the book as the story began to come together more. This is one for mystery and crime readers and one I would recommend.


Wow! One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardener was a one-sitting read for me. This is the second in the Frankie Elkin series and it is brilliant. I would suggest reading the first book as it does give you the background for why Frankie looks for missing people. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour and my full review.


This is the first time I have read anything by this author. Other Parents by Sarah Stovell was a brilliant introduction to this author. This is a dark and quite sinister story set around parents, their opinions and views. It deals with social and class structures, bigoted and narrow-minded views and was a brilliant book. Full review to follow soon.

54809893. sy475

The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain is another brilliant read and is one that also has differing viewpoints. This one is a duel-timeline story set in North Carolina in the 60s and 2000s. How the past and the present connect is intriguing and when truths emerge it is an eye-opener for sure. This is a story that deals with the Civil Rights Movement and it makes for tough reading at times. Again, my full review will be soon.

Well, there we go another week of quite serious reading and dealing with a wide array of topics and themes.

Wishing you all the very best for the coming week.

Take Care, Stay Safe

All the best, Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 2nd January 2022) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to the New Year, today I am rounding up the final books I read in 2021. I read a total of 229 books last year and there were some amazing books. I did a round-up and Best Books Post if you want to check it out – HERE

I did take a break from the Blog and also Social Media over Christmas and New Year. Like many, I still work over the festive and New Year period as I am a care worker in a Residential Home. It does make it quite busy with getting things organised as well as working so it’s always easier to have a break.

So I will take this time to say that I hope you all had a safe and good Christmas. Also to wish you all the very best in 2022.

Here are the final two weeks of books that I read to finish the year off, most are Blogg Tour books for January, yeah check me out getting organised!

58037168. sy475

This is the 4th book in this series and A Wedding at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland is another fabulous book in the series. A wedding that isn’t as straightforward as it was meant to be, memories of loved ones and a few tears are just the tip of the iceberg.

59473061. sx318

If you are looking for a hard, gritty gangland thriller then have a look at Sapphire by Heather Burnside. Heather is a new author to me but based on Sapphire I will definitely be looking at her previous books. This is quite hard reading at times due to some of the topics. Drugs, homelessness, surviving, making the best of what you have. Tough, addictive and more hardcore.

58105460. sy475

If you love the Love Heart Lane series then you are going to love Heartcross Castle by Christie Barlow. This is the 7th book and it is brilliant. A crumbling castle, a famous chef, some home truths and a supportive community. It has all this and so much more as Grace and her three sons make a new start.

58465751. sy475

Another fabulous series in The Glass Family and the latest book Hustle by Owen Mullen is soooo good. I adore this series and this one is addictive. Nina is definitely in the wrong place when a robbery takes place, not the normal robbery as such but one that has the rest of the family just a little stressed. If you have been following this series then you will know the characters and what they do. This is gritty, hardcore, brutal at times and fabulous.

59577419. sy475

What a gorgeous and also idyllic story Wishing Under a Starlit Skye by Lisa Hobman was. Single parent Caitlin and her daughter Grace have lived on Skye since before Grace was born. They have some wonderful friends and are an important part of the community. This is a story about not seeing what is in front of you, but also of taking a chance. Adorable characters, fab storyline and a brilliant read.

59348871. sy475

If sheโ€™d turned off her phone, instead of listening in, perhaps no one would have diedโ€ฆ is such a great tag line for Remember My Name by Sam Blake. Intriguing, twisted, unexpected and a wonderful psychological thriller. It needed a bit of concentration from me at the beginning as there is quite a few things going on, but when things settled it was an exciting read.

59417258. sy475

How many of us know what it’s like for our partners, how hard they do/ do not work. Bernie Maycock tackles this in Anything You Can Do. A humorous look at how one parent thinks the other doesn’t do as much as they should. Roles are reversed and suddenly things begin to make sense. A fab read and one that had me chuckling several times.

57969521. sy475

This is a brilliant read and the first in a series, Resistance by Eilidh McGuiness is set during WWII from the perspective of some of those involved in the French Resistance. The author has woven fact with fiction to create such a powerful story and one that I look forward to continuing.

57360900. sy475

What a fabulous book to finish the year off with. That Certain Spark by Isobel Hart is one that I think many readers will be able to connect with, I certainly did. Claire is wallowing, she is alone, she has panic attacks that leave her out cold and her cat is constantly getting stuck up a tree. This is quite a humorous book but one that conveys such a positive message with a nod to wellbeing and mindfulness. As I finished I felt very positive and it was such a brilliant read.

So there we have it, the final books I have read for 2021. You will see the full reviews of these and some others over the next few weeks.

Have a wonderful week ahead, and also I wish you all the very best for the coming year.

Love to you all

Yvonne xx

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My Week IN Books (w/e 19th December 2021) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly wrap-up of books I have read over the past week. I have also finalised my Top Reads of 2021 and wow has it been a tough one. As much as I love sharing the books I love I also find it extremely difficult to whittle down the 200+ books that I have read, down to a handful that I have really loved and want to highlight. Keep an eye out on Wednesday for my list ๐Ÿ™‚

What I’ve read this past week…

Even though I am not a huge fan of overly political books I was intrigued by The Whistle Blower by Robert Peston. This is a fictional debut for this author and it is set in the corridors of Parliament, has many dodgy characters, shady dealing and quite a few mysterious happenings going on. I really enjoyed this book and it was one that I think fans of political thrillers would also enjoy.

The Book of Sand by Theo Clare is penned by the late Mo Hayder. This is a fabulous story that is quite devious in the respect that the two seemingly disconnected storylines don’t actually come together until after the halfway point. Part dystopian, fantasy, mixed with present-day contemporary, loads of mystery and gradually one that darkens the further you get. It is a brilliant book that had me hooked. Ideal for those who are looking for a different, but it is dividing opinion!

Publication Date – 6th January 2022

Whether this author writes under Jules Wake or Julie Caplin, I know I am in for a treat. The Cosy Cottage in Ireland by Julie Caplin is the 8th in the Romantic Escapes series and was a lovely, gorgeous and mouthwatering delight. Each of the books in this series can be read as stand-alone. This is one for the romantics, foodies, those that like heartwarming tales and setting descriptions. Gorgeously told and definitely recommended.

For something different, I decided to read Put A Wet Paper Towel On It by Lee Parkinson and Adam Parkinson. Brothers who work in Education in their own right and have brought together their experiences of teaching. Hilarious at times and also quite an eye-opener at others as they tell their own story of joining the system and why. This is a fab non-fiction book and it was one I really enjoyed.

Well, that’s me done for another week.

Keep an eye out for my Top Reads List

Happy Reading, Stay Safe

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 12th December 2021) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to my weekly round-up of books that I have read. It has been a pretty busy week for me with work and courses so I haven’t been able to share peoples posts as I normally would. I would like to say a big thank you to those of you that have kindly shared my posts xx

I would like to think this week coming will be slightly quieter, but with Christmas being close I still have a few bits left to do. Still got the tree to put up, cards to write, things to post. All the wrapping is done, so that’s one thing out of the way!

So here is what I have read…

58181149. sy475
The Secrets of Latimer House by Jules Wake was a stunning book. Set during WWII is the story of three women who are stationed at Latimer House, a place where German prisoners of war are taken prior to being taken to camps around the UK. This is a gorgeous book to read and one that also led me on a search about the house and its role in WWII. A mix of fact and fiction that I adored. I will post a review soon.

Her Previous Self by Anne Allen is a mix of historical fiction and romance with a fantasy edge to it. This is a story that I really enjoyed as I joined the main character of Lucy as she discovers more about the history of the house she is living in, her ancestors and I liked the back and forth timeslip style of this story. Another that I will share my full review of soon.

I do love Helen Rolfe‘s books, so it was much embarrassment to discover I had completely missed the publication day blog Tour for A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm. I read this in one sitting, and to be honest this is something I do with most of this author’s books. Once again the author brought this close-knit coastal community spirit to life. My full review is HERE

I am hoping to get reviews that I have not shared yet done soon, as well as trying to sort out my Top Reads of the Year. Such a hard job every year as there are so many great books that I have read.

Have a great week ahead,

Stay Safe and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 5th December 2021) #booknews #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read. A quietish week last week, but a hectic one coming up!

This last week I have read 4 books. One of which is a little bit special and I am going to start with that one first. I think it is an excellent book and it is for a very good cause.

And, it just so happens it contains a story that I wrote ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜

The Stars Will Shine Again: Helping Our Heroes One Page at A Time by [Emma Mitchell, Malcolm Hollingdrake, Tony Forder, Andrew Barrett, Sharon Bairden, Audrey Davis, Anna Franklin-Osborne, Bob Stone, Alistair Birch, Val Portelli]

The Stars Will Shine Again is a collection of short stories from your favourite authors who have come together to deliver you a Christmas read with a twist.

With true war tales that will break your heart, gritty crimes that will shake you to your core, magic and mystery, and heart-warming tales of love lost and found, this anthology has something for everyone. And, with every penny made being sent to support our troops youโ€™re helping our heroes, one page at a time.

From authors such as Malcolm Hollingdrake, Tony Forder, Val Portelli, and Andrew Barrett, and several debut authors, including Sarah Hardy and Yvonne Bastian, you are in for one heck of a ride.

The Stars Will Shine Again is the perfect Christmas gift for the bookworms in your life.

A Note from Emma Mitchell:

As the blurb tells us, The Stars Will Shine Again is a multi-genre collection of short stories compiled to raise money for our armed forces and every penny made from the sales of both the digital and paperback copies will be donated to the charity Help for Heroes. Covid has made fundraising a difficult job for everyone, so itโ€™s an honour to be able to do something like this and Iโ€™m thankful to everyone involved. With huge thanks going once again to Amanda Horan for her support and fabulous cover design. You can find her at Letโ€™s Get Booked.

Iโ€™ve picked the best of the submissions to bring you a thrilling book which is perfect for dipping into at lunchtime or snuggling up with on a cold winterโ€™s night. I have been completely blown away by the support from the writing and blogging community, especially the authors who submitted stories and bloggers who have been so generous with their time to help advertise and spread the word.

There isnโ€™t a person in the country who hasnโ€™t benefited from the sacrifices our troops, past and present, have made for us and they all deserve our thanks.

It has been an honour working on these stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Publication Day is 10th December and you can purchase from Amazon UK and I do believe a Paperback version will also be available then as well. PURCHASE LINK

58751822. sy475

I thought Whitesands by Johann Thorssan was a cracking read, you can see my full review for this book HERE as I only published it on my blog yesterday.

48691825. sy475

This was a gorgeous read and I got to learn a little about West African Mythology as well. Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen was a gorgeously written YA book set in the 1400s, a book about slavery, history, mythology and culture. Full of action, adventure, hope, memories and is a comi9ng of age story. Keep an eye out for my full review soon.

I do love the Letty Parker series, The Hanging Tree by Misha Herwin is the 4th book and packed full of mystery, danger and peril for Letty and her friends. You can read my full review HERE.

There we have it, 4 books read. I really should sort out my Top Reads list for the year as well. I do have a rough list and I need to go through it again to make sure. I sound like Father Christmas now, made a list, checked it twice ๐Ÿ˜‚

Have a great week ahead,

Stay Safe and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

My Week In Books (w/e 21st Nov 2021) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read. Another good week on the reading front and plenty more to keep me going as we await this cold chill that is expected. I did manage an hour in the garden dead-heading…plants that is! Cut the last few rose blooms as well which smell amazing in the kitchen.

So, here is what I have read over the past week…

53958644. sx318

Newport Writers – An anthology of poetry and prose is a book I read for an upcoming Blog Tour. This is a collection of verse, short stories and flash fiction from a group of writers. There is a vast myriad of styles and content and there is definitely something for everyone in this anthology. Full review later this week.

56088769. sy475

Ross Greenwood is one of the authors whose books I will automatically read without even looking at the synopsis. The Cold Killer is the 4th book in the DI Barton series and wow, this one is a cracker. A murdered inmate, an increasing body count, more questions than answers and secrets from the past are just the tip of the iceberg in this latest hard-hitting thriller. The full review is at the end of the week.

57841284. sy475

The D.C. Maggie James series is a series that I have enjoyed from the very start. Dead Mercey by Noelle Holten is the 5th book in the series and is one that could be read as a stand-alone. This is a hard one for the team as wounds are still fresh from the previous book. Life has to continue and this latest case is another tough one that will call in various agencies and specialists. The full review will also be at the end of the week.

58590983. sy475

It was also time to catch up on some overdue NetGalley books. Greece Actually by Sue Roberts was ideal for some lighter reading and it was so nice to be taken to warmer shores with wonderful foods and locals. After I finished reading this book I had a virtual tour around the island of Skiathos. This is one for fans of romance and foreign destinations, a gorgeous story, a full review will follow soon.

57960698. sy475

As I wasn’t quite ready to return back the UK, I decided to stop over in France. Celebrations at the Chateau by Jo Thomas was a fabulous story, I do love this author’s books and this one is another wonderful one. A chateau, food, locals, cheese, recipes and a sitting tenant are just some of the things that Fliss and her two sisters find when they discover they have just inherited a chateau in Normandy that they knew nothing about. Another amazing read from Jo and one for romance and contemporary fiction fans. Again, the full review should be up soon.

That’s it for another week. Next weeks post will be the last one of November!!! Not long before I have to try and remember to change the year every time I write the date ๐Ÿ˜‚

Have a fab week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 14th Nov 2021) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read. Just three books this week, but all three were very different and also brilliantly entertaining in their own way.

58237429. sy475

When in autumn it is nice to be reminded of the summer and The Seaside Cocktail Campervan by Caroline Roberts definitely made me think of the warmer days of only a few weeks ago. A new business see’s two strangers connecting over pizzas and cocktails. The author really did a wonderful job with her descriptions of food and drinks as well as creating a lovely and engaging story. She also added some of the recipes at the end of the books, a welcome addition. One for fans of rom-com, summer reads and one I would definitely recommend.

56339601. sy475

I requested this one via NetGalley and I almost didn’t read this one. The Silence of Scheherazade by Defne Suman was a book that took me a while to get into, but there was something about it that made me want to keep reading this slower and at times slightly confusing book. This is the story of four different families and each with a timeslip timeline. While the storyline may have confused me at times, I am so glad I persevered with it as the writing style was absolutely mesmerising. This is a historical fiction story that does has a strong lean towards the literary fiction genre. Given my initial apprehension, I am glad I read this and it is one I would also definitely recommend.

55965390. sy475

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart is the second book in the Drowning Empire series and I have been eagerly awaiting this one. This is a series that should be read in order as this second book expands on the previous book as well as moves forward with the story of Lin, Jovis and the other characters. This is a fantasy series and I adore everything about it. It was a little more detailed but this helped to build the characters, the tension and mistrust. Keep an eye out for my full review next week as part of the blog tour.

There we have it,

Another week over and more to add to my reading tally.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 7th November 2021) #booknews #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read this week. I also have a Blog Tour review out today as well.

Last week, well the late hours of Saturday night saw me finish my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 200 books. The book I chose to complete the challenge was a fabulous one and you will see what it was below ๐Ÿ™‚

56924997. sy475

The Secret Path by Karen Swan was a wonderful read for a cold autumn night. When Tara Tremain visits the island she is forced to confront her ex, Alex. He used her and she now needs his help as she is in the middle of the jungle trying to help a sick child. A wonderful read and one that I adored, with gorgeous descriptions, wonderful settings and some fabulous characters. A mix of contemporary fiction, mystery with a good deal of suspense.


When I saw the Blog Tour for The Lost by Simon Beckett, I along with loads of other Book Bloggers asked for a spot. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and I am so glad it is the first book in a planned series. Dark, twisted, riveting and a blooming good read. A crime thriller told over a dual timeline and it had me hooked.

59478659. sy475

I do love this series and The World Cup Mystery by Peter Bartram sees Colin Crampton, an investigative journalist once more in the thick of things. It’s 1966 and Colin and his girlfriend Shirley have had to cut short their holiday and rush back home to Brighton. Trouble it seems finds Colin no matter where he is, and the trouble this time has the potential to be very serious indeed. A fun, cosy crime mystery series and one I will share my review for soon as part of the Blog Tour.

58366445. sy475

I was lucky enough to win an e-copy of A Christmas Caroline by Camilla Isley, The author has taken the story A Christmas Carol and given it a modern-day spin using the hardworking, businesswoman Caroline as her main lead. I really enjoyed this story and it didn’t take me long to get into this. A wonderful festive story with a moral. The review will follow shortly.


So, this is the book that I read that hit my Goodreads target for the year…

Dead Ground by M.W. Craven is the 4th book in the Washing ton Poe series and what a belter of a book it was. I adore the team of Poe and Tilly Bradshaw, they are like chalk and cheese but make such an amazing team. This time they are called in to help with murder, one that has more secrets, red tape and officious persons than they have come across before. Not that this is ever going to stop Poe from being Poe of course. It is a brilliant story and one that once again had me hooked.

Another week is done,

Have a great week ahead and stay safe,

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 31st October 2021) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Well another month has come and gone, and now the clocks have changed the nights are longer, the weather is colder so thank goodness for books. Let’s admit it, there’s nothing much worth watching on TV, so it is a good job I have plenty of reading material ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is what I have read this week…

59245026. sy475

I really enjoyed The Survivors by Alex Schulman. This is one of those books that I found to be quietly addictive. I wasn’t sure about it when I first started it, but there was something about it that gradually drew me in. A story about family and things from the past. It is one for those who like a more literary fiction story and I will share my full review soon.

58717135. sy475
The story of Our Secrets by Shari Low was a gorgeous read and also very emotional. I do like this authors stories, I haven’t read all of them but the ones I have read have been fabulous. This is the story of a widow and her friends and how they are still trying to come to terms with the loss of a major figure in their lives. Keep an eye out for my review as part of the Blog Tour.
59471185. sy475

I do like a new series and War Clouds Over Blackberry Farm by Rosie Clarke was a brilliant story to start this new series. Having read a few of this authors books previously I was very happy to get a spot on the Blog Tour for this one. A story of family, love, tragedy and the Second World War looming people are thinking of the future. A fabulous story that has brilliant characters and an all-around great read.

59251640. sx318

I had seen some fab reviews for Witch by Mark Brownless and I decided to buy a copy and it was a really addictive spooky read. It is a horror but not the full-on blood and guts sort, but it was one that rated well on the spookiness scale. A 400year old cottage in Wales, isolated, near a lake and with the spirit of a dead witch rumoured to inhabit. I mean, what could go wrong for the couple who have just moved in!!! A full review will follow soon.

There we go for another week,

I have nearly completed my Goodreads target and hopefully, I can bring my NetGalley books down a little.

Before I go, here’s a pic of me in fancy dress from Halloween ๐Ÿ˜จ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

Have a fabulous week ahead,

Take Care

Yvonne ๐Ÿ™‚ xx