cropped-image.jpgI read books for a hobby, when i have time in between working and other daily stuff.  I have been writing my own reviews for a while now and using Goodreads for this.  I now want to progress a little bit more on this so have chosen to Blog.  This is a first for me.

First blog post

IT by Stephen King


A great book that i have re-read after 28 years. At 1376 pages and every page a page turner. It is brilliantly written. The story flits between the past and the present as well as between the characters, this is a great a way of telling the story from different viewpoints of the characters giving a more complete picture.

“IT” is a story spanning through the history of the town of Derry, and its recurring deadly secret.  The secret re-emerges roughly every 28 years, the result is the death of local children or a group killing, then all goes quiet until the next cycle begins again.  It is a psychological horror story. It shows how a group of seven children, who are all loners, all with their own personal problems can come together to become a strong close knit group. They stand by each other in the face of evil, adding their individual strength to make themselves into an inpenetrable force.  Years later they recieve a phone call calling them back to their home town where they have to battle the evil again once and for all. Once agin their unfaltering friendship is called to action, in a now or “we will be too old” to do this again scenario. All their past personal emotional baggage is thrown at them as well as memories that they had forgotten about, as they relive a nightmare as adults, that they had previously lived in as children.

This book was made into a film, the film did well to cover this huge story and did it justice to a point. But there is also alot the film missed out, only by reading the book do you get to understand who / what “IT” is.”

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