My Week In Books (w/e 29th January 2023) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another weekly update of books I have read. This week has seen me reading some books from NetGalley and picking some from my own TBR shelf.

Love Will Tear Us Apart by C. K. McDonnell – this is the 3rd book in the Stranger Times series and I adored this as much as the previous ones. Stranger Times is a niche newspaper that reports on strange occurances and events. Its editor Banecroft is a force to be reckoned withand a new assistant editor has his number. Hannah, the othe ex assistant editor has her own story as do other members of the staff. This is a fabulous fantasy and very humerous book. Full review next minth near the publication day.

The Silence Project by Carole Hailey – this is a book that does have mixed reviews but I loved it. Emilia is the narrator for this book and it tells of how her mum stopped speaking and lived at the bottom of hte garden. What started as one womans way of trying to find peace and listen to the world around her changed into a world wide following. Told in the past and then in the future this was a gripping book and I loved how the author dealt with the issues that arose. This is a dystopian that hdoes have an alarming believable adge to it. Full review next month near publication day.

The Wilderness Retreat by Jennifer Moore – this is a very good read and the idea of having a week away in an isolted retreat to relax and come to terms with life and its problems sounds great. Well it did until I read this one and discover that this is not as serene and idyllic as it sounds. THis is a mystery thriller that had me trying to work out the full extent of the depth that the author has gone with her characters. I did think at times it was a little repetative, but still a very good book. Full review next month.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill – I have had this book for ages on my kindle and I am aware of their being a film, but have not watched it. I do like a good classic style gothic mystery and this one is fabulous. I really enjoyed the eerie atmosphere ofthe book and the odd looks from people along with conversations that suddenly stop when you walk into a room. The auhtor has created a story full of suspense and I adored it. Full review will follow over the next week or so.

Another 4 week book for me again this week πŸ™‚

Happy Reading and have a great week ahead

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week IN Books (w/e 22nd January 2023) #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly round-up of books.

It’s a four-book week this week, one of them was a shortie so not as impressive as it may sound πŸ™‚

Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues by Jonathan Kennedy – this was a brilliant book to read and if you are a fan of history then this is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Starting with humans at their very beginning the author took me through the ages and showed how it was possible for plagues to be as deadly as they have now become. The publication isn’t until April this year so my full review will be out closer to the time.

Life and Love at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke – this is another brilliant book in the Mulberry Lane series and one that I adore. The author has now brought us up to the swinging 60s and with new ventures on the horizon things are, as always changing. This is a gorgeous series that follows the main characters, their families have grown and the next generation is stepping up to make their mark on the world. A full review for this one will be beginning of February as part of the Blog Tour.

Gone by Ruby Speechly – this is a domestic thriller and is mainly from the perspective of the mother. Her eldest son has gone missing. There are signs that something bad may have happened but neither the mother nor this reader realised how far the author was willing to go with her storyline. Very enjoyable read and one that has left me wanting to read more by this author. Full review at the end of February as part of the Blog Tour.

Rock Art for Beginners by F. Sehnaz Bac – this was a title I spotted on NetGalley while I quickly nipped on there to leave a review. It was the cover that caught my eye, and I was able to read this one straight away. This is for beginners but there is also a lot of more detailed work involved. I would say that this is good for a beginner but some of the things are for more experienced artists or crafters. A gorgeous book to look through and one that gives me ideas for other craft projects. Happy to recommend this one.

Have a great week ahead,

all the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 15th January 2023) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another weekly update of books I have read.

This week has been a quiet week as such, but with lots going on personally. I am not one for sharing personal stuff but these past few weeks have been hard to deal with. My Dad passed away just before Christmas and his cremation was on Wednesday followed by what would have been his birthday on Thursday. He had been very poorly and so it was not totally unexpected but still hard to deal with especially with Christmas, New Year and then his Birthday being so close. As a family, we have made it through some tough times and we are moving on with him very much in our hearts and our memories, he is still giving us plenty to reminisce and chuckle about which makes it just the slightest bit easier.

The books I have read over the week are…

The Night Man by JΓΈrn Lier Horst – I was fortunate to win a copy of this book from the Publisher, Micheal Joseph on a Twitter giveaway before Christmas. It is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. It is a crime thriller, a police procedural and it takes some interesting routes. Keep an eye out for my full review to come this month.

The Secret Keeper by Amanda James – I do adore this author and her books, this was previously published under the title of Summer In Tintagel. This is a gorgeous read and one that deals with family from the past and the present. A wonderful vibe runs through this story and it works so well given the location. My full review can be found HERE.

The Other Guest by Heidi Perks – I do love this author’s books and this one is a very good read. A death during a luxury holiday brings out more secrets than people realise. As much as I really enjoyed this one I did find it slowed towards the end. Keep an eye out for my full review this week.

Another week is done and dusted.

Have a fabulous week ahead, Happy Reading

Take Care

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 8th Jan 2023) #bookupdates #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my weekly update of books I have read. This year I have decided to reduce the number of books I read on the Goodreads Challenge to 150 for the year this is because I am doing an NVQ course for work so I won’t have quite as much time to read for pleasure.

The weather is a bit hit-and-miss, raining one moment sunny and the next a deluge. I have no idea what is growing in the garden as it has been far too wet to want to venture down there.

Here are the books I have read this week…

Out For Revenge by Tony Bassett – this is the 4th book in this series, and yes it is also the first one I have read! This was a really good book set in the Birmingham and Midlands area. A mix of crime thriller, police procedural and gangland crime. Great storyline and characters and my full review will be part of the upcoming Blog Tour.

The Hidden Secrets of Bumblebee Cottage by Christie Barlow – this is the 10th book in the series and I have read and loved every one of them. If you have read any of the previous books then you will know what a fabulous series this is. In this latest book, there is a newcomer to the village and the story that has been woven is another corker of a read. Full review to follow.

Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor – this is an amazing read and one that really took me by surprise. It is a mix of crime thriller and also of gangs, but then it is also a story of family, loyalty, growing up and the future. This is a book that I adored so much and it is one that has left an impression of living and growing up in India in different circumstances. Full review to follow.

There we go, 3 books read so far this year, with a 4th that I will probably finish tonight.

I do have quite a few reviews to get published so I am hoping to get caught up with them over the never couple of weeks or so.

Take Care and Happy Reading,

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 11th December 2022) #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another weekly wrap-up of books I have read. I have been a bit quiet on social media for the last week and I would like to say a big thank you for all of the shares. It has been an emotional week and one that has left me emotionally drained. My Dad has been in hospital and is quite poorly and we are keeping our hopes up that he might be home for Christmas.

The weather change down here in Cornwall is very cold and we do have sleety showers and ice, but I did have a wander around the garden this morning (Sunday) and managed to get a few photos of some of the flowers that are still hanging on in there. The sun was out but my goodness it was chilly, definitely not as warm as it looked!

Here are the books I have got through this week…

Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – this is a book that I have been wanting to read for years and finally, I decided it was time. When I first started this I was a bit unsure about it, so I put it down and came back to it the next day and then devoured it. It is about a society that is genetically engineered for specific roles and for a happy population. Considering this book was published in 1932 it is a very good one to read. Slow at times, and at others disjointed but once I got going with it I found it to be very addictive. Review to follow soon.

Strangeways: A Prison Officer's Story

Strangeways: My Life as a Prison Officer by Neil Samworth – well this is an absolutely amazing book to listen to. I bought this a while back from Audible and it is a brutal, hard-hitting, eye-opener of a story as the author tells of the things he has seen, and been involved in and also how the Prison Service has changed over the years. This is a brutally honest account and I will share my review soon.

Lost by Leona Deakin – after reading the 4th book, and then the 1st book I decided to read the 2nd book in this series. It is a brilliant series and if you are a fan of psychological thrillers then you should have this series on your list. When a Captain loses his memory it is his girlfriend that starts to raise the alarm bells. What follows is a deeply twisted thriller that had me hooked. Full review to follow.

Snowflakes over Muddleford Cove by Kim Nash – both my Mum and I adore this author and we read this book at the same time. We were chuckling and sniggering over some of the antics in this book as it really did appeal to our sense of humour. It isn’t all giggles though as there is a serious plot to it. This is another fabulous read and one for those of you who love heartwarming and humourous from comes. Full review to follow.

Ther we have it, another week of fabulous titles.

I will try to share posts when I can,

Wishing you all the very best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 4th December 2022) #bookupdates #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to my weekly round-up of books I have read. I am a day late with this, basically, I forgot what day it was and I changed one of my nightshifts so it threw everything out. Change is good, but not when you work nights and struggle to remember the day. I usually work on a Monday night, and it is still Monday in my head until I have been home and had a couple of hours of sleep, it then becomes Tuesday! It all makes sense to me, if you work nights you’ll get exactly what I mean πŸ™‚

Here is what I have read and listened to over the past week…

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Pandora’s Jar: Women in the Greek myths by Natalie Haynes – this was an interesting book to listen to and the author explores how women had been perceived over the years in the myths, legends, films, TV and literature. The author did use modern equivalents from pop, film and drama to show this. I did enjoy it and found it to be a very interesting one to listen to. Ideal if you like discussion-style audio with well-reasoned examples and the full review will follow soon.


The Angel’s Mark by S. W. Perry – this was one of the titles I had hoped to read in the summer but it got bumped down my TBR. I am kicking myself because it is a brilliant historical fiction, murder, mystery and crime story. It is the first book in the series and I cannot wait to read more. Full review to follow.

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A Gift Called Hope by Eva Jordan – This is a lovely story and it deals with the excitement of Christmas with a young child and as a parent dealing with loss. Gorgeous story and a full review to follow.

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The Nazi’s Son by Andrew Turpin – if you are a fan of espionage, conspiracy and thriller reads then you won’t go far wrong with this series. This is the 5th book and it mixes Stasi, KGB, CIA, and MI5/6 with links going back to the 1986 nightclub bombing in Germany. Brilliant story and series, full review to follow.

There we have it for another week,

Have a great week ahead

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 27th November 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read. I cannot believe this is the final week of November already. Not only has the month flown by, but the whole year also has to be perfectly honest.

The weather has not been the best again down here in Cornwall. lots of rain, wind, hail and thunder. There is an excellent side to the rain though, and that is that the reservoirs are filling and we did get a small rebate on our water bill.

On the reading front, I have finished all my Blog Tour commitment books for the year, although I already have several lined up for January, February and March already πŸ™‚

Here is what I have been reading…

Merrily Ever After by Cathy Bramley – this is a wonderful festive fiction story that I adored. I didn’t realise there was another book that has one of the characters in it until a fellow Book Blogger told me about it. My full review was published last week and here is the link if you want to read it.

Rivers of London (Rivers of London, #1)

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch – I bought this book on my kindle in 2012 and have just found it again. This is a brilliant book and I am so glad there are more in this series. A mix of police procedural, supernatural, fantasy and mystery. It is a genre I do enjoy and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next books. Full review to follow.

The Source

The Source by Sarah Sultoon – this is another book that has been sat on the shelf for too long and it is a fabulous read. Some very tough topics that have been approached very well. A story of two timelines and one that has far-reaching implications. Corruption, abuse, scandals, institutional abuse and an amazing read. Full review to follow.

The Thunder Girls

The Thunder Girls by Melanie Blake – yep another one that has also been gathering dust! Once again another fabulous read. The Thunder Girls were a band in the 80s, they split up and now 30 years later there is a chance for them to reunite. There are problems with this though, they all went their separate ways, there haven’t spoken since the split and there is a huge amount of animosity between them. This is the tip of the iceberg compared to what is going on behind the scenes. Full review to follow.

It has been great reading books that have languished for far too long on my shelves. I am finding that they are brilliant and were definitely worth getting them when I did. I dare not admit how many I have still to be read on my kindle and on my actual bookshelves 😬πŸ€ͺ

Image result for i dont have too many books

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead,

Take Care

Yvonne xx

My Week IN Books (w/e 20th November 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Welcome to another wrap-up of books I have read over the past week. I have been watching Twitter with interest and to be honest, I am quite appalled by some of the things I am seeing. I have tiptoed into another site and am tentatively finding my feet, I do need to spend a bit more time on Mastodon though. Here is my link if you want to give me a follow πŸ™‚

Too wet and windy just recently to go in the garden but I did notice some of my narcissi have started to open. Me and the other half noticed that the birds are now starting to come back to the feeders and they are going mad for the fat balls as well as the seed. Our two dogs have got this feeding station sussed out. They know if they snuffle around the grass under the bird feeders they can usually find some seeds and bits to eat. Those two would never starve I can tell you.

Right, here are the books I have read…

The Orphanage Girls Reunited

The Orphanage Girls Reunited by Mary Wood – I do love this author’s books and this is the next book in the Orphanage Girls series. It is a fabulous historical fiction story that sees friends Ellen and Ruth coming back together after being split up. Addictive reading and is heartbreaking at times. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour in December for my full review.

A Child for the Reich

A Child for the Reich by Andie Newton – this is a heartwrenching historical fiction that tells the story of a mother trying to find her daughter. Her daughter had been taken from her to be Germanised and become a good German citizen. This is a stunning book to read and the full review will be part of the Blog Tour in December.

The Family tree Mystery by Peter Bartram – I adore this series and it is set in 1967 in Brighton. Colin and his girlfriend Shirley are discovering something about Shirley’s past. As a journalist, Colin does get some interesting leads. A brilliant story that has some great humour and is one for fans of cosy mysteries. Full review as part of the Blog Tour in December.

There we go another good week for books,

Wishing you a good week ahead

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My (Two)Week(s) In Books (w/e 13th November 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

It has been a couple of weeks since my last weekly update post. This time last week I was on my way up to see my parents for a few days. It was a nice change of scenery and also to have a catch-up with them.

This is what I have been reading over the past two weeks. There is one that I have already posted a review of and the others are still to be posted as part of Blog Tours.

The Imposter by Leona Deakin – this is also listed as The Fall Guy if you are looking for it on Goodreads. I have read the first book in this series, but seem to have completely missed the next two before seeing the Blog Tour invite for this one. This is a fabulous book and if you are a fan of criminal profiling, psychology and tense suspense-ridden thrillers then you should have a look at this series. FULL REVIEW HERE

The Highland Girls at War by Helen Yendall – this is the first time I have read a book by this author and I adored it. This review will be up tomorrow and there is a fabulous giveaway opportunity. Set in WWII in Scotland a group of women learn and train to be lumberjills.

The Will by Rebecca Reid – Oh this is a fabulous story and is full of wonderful twists, a few secrets and a serious amount of intrigue. I adored this book. Full review will be later this week.

The Summer Escape by Hannah Ellis – I do love this series and the author chooses one of the family to focus on. This time it is the turn of Trystan. A wonderful story in a gorgeous location and left me looking forward to the next book with a teaser about who is next. My full review will be next week,

The Lightening Rod by Tony J Forder – I cannot believe we are at book 10 in the DI Jimmy Bliss series! I do have a soft spot for Bliss and the team so I am always eager to get my hands on the next book in the series. This one is a full-on mystery that Bliss and the team are going to have to work very hard at and with different people involved. Loved it and my full review will be soon.

Driven by Kerena Swan – this is another author who is new to me, and yes you have probably noticed that this is the 2nd in the series. This is a fabulous book and one that had me hooked, a child is in a car when the car is stolen. This is one that could be read as a stand-alone but I did decide to buy the first book as I wanted to know more about DI Paton. My full review will be at the end of this month.

We are getting closer to the end of the year and this means I am trying to work out my Top Reads for 2022. I currently have 19 books on my list, and there is one book that I read in January that I think is going to be in the Number 1 spot.

Goodreads is on track and I am currently on 176/200 books read so far.

All other is for me to do now is wish you all a great week ahead and

Happy Reading

All the best

Yvonne xx

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My Week In Books (w/e 30th October 2022) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another weekly round-up. I discovered the other day that I still needed to relink my Facebook to my Blog. After changing my FB password I completely forgot how many other things are linked to it. I use various phone apps, the odd game, messenger, Instagram and other online sites that I sign in to via Facebook. It made me think about how reliant we have on social media apps and how invasive they actually are. It makes you understand how much of a trail we leave on the internet and how the shopping sites such as Amazon or Browsers use our digital footprint so easily.

We are entering a new month tomorrow, and while it is still quite mild, the weather is quite erratic. The clocks changed for us and luckily for me, I didn’t have work so I had an extra hour in bed. This actually meant I spent an extra hour reading πŸ™‚

Here is what I have read over the past week.

They Lie Here by NS Ford – this is the author’s second book and it is brilliant. What starts out as a hunt for a missing musician ends in something much darker and sinister. I loved this book a lot. My full review will be later this week.

A Gathering of Gargoyles by Misha Herwin – this is the 5th book in the Letty Parker series and it was b5rilliant to catch up with Letty and her gang. To discover the problem of crumbling gargoyles, Letty will use a mix of science and magic to help save the night creatures. Full review next week.

Wicked Girls by Heather Atkinson – this is a book that is part of the Blog Tour in December. No, I am not super efficient or organised, but I am very good at getting the months wrong so I read this one super early. This is a gritty hardcore gangland story that sees two best friends standing side by side and backing each other up. That is until they decide that they actually want slightly different things. A really good story and some dangerous characters.

Queen of Diamonds by Gillian Godden – this is also another book that is for a December Blog Tour. It’s a good job I do check to make sure the dates are right!!! This is another fabulous gangland crime thriller story, this is the 3rd book in the series and it is a strong female lead as its main protagonist. Getting to grips with her dead husband’s business means she needs to get tough.

There we have it.

Have a great week ahead and happy reading,

All the best

Yvonne xx