My Week In Books (w/e 8th Nov) #booksread #booklove

I write this just after standing outside for the 2 minutes silence. A very strange Remembrance Sunday as normally I stand in our village square with many, many other people. It was still a sombre feeling but I do so hope that next year things will be back to normal and we can once again show our respects as a village joined together.

This week has been quite bizarre as I have spent a lot of time watching TV waiting for the results of the American election. I don’t do politics on my blog, but I have to say I am very happy at the outcome.

So, let me show you what I have read this week…

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I am a fan of The Crampton of the Chronicle series by Peter Bartram and so I was delighted to recieve a signed copy of his latest book The Beach Party. These books are set in the 60s in Brighton, Colin is a crime reporter who always finds himself in the thick of things. A sleuthing mystery read that has a good deal of tongue in cheek British humour. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Blog Tour.

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I was so happy to get a spot on the Blog Tour for Harpers Heroes by Rosie Clarke. This is part of a series and it is a historical fiction, family saga series. Harpers is an Emporium where employers and employees are like family. The author share the worries, loves, losses and expectations of key characters as the First World War begins. A fabulous story that could be read as a stand alone but works so much better when you read the series.


Sometimes visual imagery works better for some non-fiction books and it is certainly the case for Fragile Planet – The Impact of Climate Change. This is a book that has images on every page with just a small caption explaining what you are seeing. Some images show comparisons from not only years apart, but in some cases months. It is a gorgeous book that really does have an impact, it does sound wrong to say it is a gorgeous book given the subject, but it is. I will write up a review for this soon.

Another week wrapped up, all that is left is for me to wish you a wondeful and safe week ahead.

Happy Reading,

Yvonne 🙂 xx

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  1. I know your feeling about the past week… It was such a relief to see the final results being announced in the end, although the comments of some of the Trump supporters are quite terrifying to be honest. Here’s to this week being less stressful… Happy reading! xx

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