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I am delighted to share my review today for Bandwagon by Richard Cobourne. This is the first book in the Showbiz Thriller Trilogy and I am sharing this review today as a precursor to the Blog Tour that is starting next week.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Anne at Random Things Tours for arranging the books from the author ready for the log Tour for the second book that starts on Tuesday 28th Feb.

Life hasn’t turned out how Danny Owen expected it to. Formerly an investigative journalist, today a radio reporter reluctantly covering celebrity and the music industry, focusing on glitz, glamour and the gaudy stars.

Danny is offered an exclusive interview with Martha, the star of the forthcoming Martha Movin’ Out tour, but when he arrives at Elstree Studios he discovers that rehearsals are not going well. Not suspicious initially, but then things take a dire turn when he learns that Martha has disappeared. With the concert tour potentially in ruins, Danny and occasional lover Daisy DeVilliers, the tour’s PR, team up beyond the call of duty in an effort to find Martha and rescue the tour.

Soon Danny and Daisy are unwittingly inveigled into the murky world of people smuggling, blackmail and international organised crime. They pick their way through a minefield where one wrong move could not only blow the rescue attempts but could also end their own lives. In a duplicitous world where people show only their best side, trusting the wrong person could be the last thing they ever do.


I absolutely loved this book and it has left me looking to reading the next book in this series.

When a comeback tour is announced for Martha, everyone is excited. The money men are in place, the PR is on a roll and the newspapers are desperate to find a scoop. All is going great until Martha suddenly vanishes. No Martha means no show, this means people will want their money back.

Daisy does the PR for the tour and she and Martha know Danny a journalist. He has been requested by Martha for an interview, and he happens to be around when Daisy and a few others discover that Martha isn’t to be found.

The story follows a brilliant cat-and-mouse type thread as everyone is trying to work out what happened, why she disappeared, who is to gain and more importantly how a tour has anything to do with the gangland world of people smugglers! This is going to get dangerous and lives are at risk!

I thoroughly enjoyed this backstage setting and also the wheeling and dealings of the PR machine. Keeping ahead of the papers and reporters is something that Daisy is good at. You may then wonder why Danny is around, he was an investigative journalist but the wheels came off his wagon in unfortunate circumstances. You will soon discover what happened as his past is abruptly brought into the present.

I really enjoyed the way the author brought several characters together from different backgrounds and had them working and wrangling together. There are obvious suspects and ne’er do wells, but there are also a lot of shocks and surprises as well. Weaving in around a procedural and investigative role, the author brings in the glamour and glitz of luxury, and also the work that is involved in keeping things on track.

This was a great action-packed read and one that I adored, it definitely ticked lots of different genre boxes for me and this I think is what made this book an exciting one to read. It has a fabulous pace to it and rolls along seemingly effortlessly. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next in the series. I would also definitely recommend this one.

Here is a glimpse at the next book in the series…


Daisy DeVilliers, celebrity PR, and Danny Owen, former investigative journalist, sit hand-in-hand in the VIP seats enjoying the much-anticipated return of global pop-megastar Martha. Following the kidnapping and dramatic rescue of the star and her sister, neither thought this glamorous night would ever happen. The ecstatic audience are demanding encore-after-encore. Martha is back!

As the final notes die away, there is pandemonium ― the police sergeant seated next to Daisy is assassinated by a sniper. Daisy is covered in blood and gore. Martha is unwillingly bundled off the stage to safety. But why was the police sergeant killed? Mistaken identity or deliberate act? Who orchestrated the murder and why? Soon Daisy and Danny are forced out of their comfort zones from show business into a world of high-level corruption, international organised crime, attempted cover-ups, and governmental chest-stabbing ― all too believable with our current politicians and parties.

Featuring well-informed behind-the-scenes entertainment action ― who to trust in the duplicitous world where celebrity, the police, security services, and politics collide? This exciting page-turner takes you far and wide to Elstree Studios, the 02 Arena, the Houses of Parliament, inside the Security Services, and to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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