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I am delighted to share my review today for Forget Me Not by Miranda Rijks. This is a fabulously creepy psychological murder mystery.

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Six years ago, Helen lost her husband. Now she may lose her life.

Five years ago, Helen’s husband Paul went missing while skiing in the Swiss Alps. His body was never found, but he is presumed dead because no one could have survived a night on that freezing mountainside.

It took Helen a long time to get over her loss, but now she has pulled her life back together – she is an acclaimed interior designer in a loving relationship with a new man.

Even better, Helen has just been offered her dream project, renovating a luxurious chalet in an idyllic location. There’s only one catch – it’s right next to the resort where Paul went missing.

She decides to take the job anyway, convincing herself that a visit to the scene of her great tragedy will actually be good for her, that it will give her a chance to lay old demons to rest.

But soon after she arrives, she makes an utterly shocking discovery and finds herself caught up in a nightmarish web of treachery and deceit where nothing is as it seems.

Only one thing is certain – the mountains want to claim another body…


This is such an addictive read and I think it is the first time I have read a book by this author, but I have seen there are quite a few books for me to read and I will definitely be looking at the previous books she has written.

This book is a domestic noir mystery thriller and there is a good amount of twists to keep you on your toes. The story is of a couple going on holiday, but only one of them returns. Paul, the husband is missing and believed to be dead. The Swiss authorities have searched for his body, and after finding a ski they conclude that he has died on the mountain and it is unlikely that his body will be found given the terrain.

This is something that must be awful, not only are you left in limbo, but effectively life is on hold while the required seven years pass before a person can be declared as being dead. This is where interior designer Helen now finds herself. She has a daughter with Paul, but as life has moved on she has now found a new partner in Andrew. They are looking to get married as seven years will have passed.

In the meantime, life has to go on, and when Helen gets a commission to design a chalet in the area where her husband went missing she is doubtful. This commission will however build up her reputation and give her some serious contacts.

The author has created a great sense of suspicion around this story, given that Helen is returning to a place of sadness for her, but the memories are still there. As she has never fully been able to grieve, Helen’s mind plays tricks on her and she imagines that she sees Paul. This is where the psychological side of the story really shines through as Helen isn’t sure if she is imagining things or not. this living in limbo with no body to bury plays havoc with her.

The author does go further as things start to happen to Helen, a sense of being watched, things being cancelled for the commission, deliveries being changed and noises. Being a woman alone in a cabin in the Swiss mountains sounds great, but in all honesty, it would creep me out so I can see why Helen is on edge.

This is a story that got me hooked pretty quickly. I wanted to know what the random mishaps and changes to the schedule were about and all the time there is a sense of something deeper. The area has had people go missing and also people dying, obviously not all are going to be visitors. With locals who have lived in the area for many years, they have a close community.

The story doesn’t have a huge cast of characters, but there is enough to plant seeds of doubt and a sense of mistrust. A very addictive storyline and one that kept me turning the pages and made it a one-sitting read for me. A fabulous story that I would definitely recommend.


Miranda Rijks is a writer of psychological thrillers and suspense novels. She has an eclectic background ranging from law to running a garden centre. She’s been writing all of her life and has a Masters in writing. A couple of years ago she decided to ditch the business plans and press releases and now she’s living the dream, writing suspense novels full time. She lives in Sussex, England with her Dutch husband, musician daughter and black Labrador.

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