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I am delighted to share my review today for The Lies I Tell by Joel Hames. This is a mystery and suspense thriller that is a slower paced one, but also very addictive and intriguing.

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From the bestselling author of Dead North, a tense, claustrophobic psychological thriller perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Claire McGowan and Clare Mackintosh.

Meet Polly.
Meet Emily.
Meet Belinda.

They’re all me.

My name is Lisa and I’m an identity thief. If I’m not inside your system stealing your money, I’ve probably already stolen it. I’m your friend. I’m a thief. I’m gone. I’m in control.

Only now, the tables have been turned. I’m in danger. My son is in danger. And I don’t know where that danger’s coming from.

Any friend.
Any enemy.
Any stranger.
Anyone from the past I’ve been trying to outrun for years.


My Review…

This was a book I took a little longer to read than usual. It is a story that alternates timelines and has several names that I needed to get used to. The names are the different aliases used by the main character, Lisa. She is an identity thief and a mother. Each one of these aliases is used in a different way.

This is a clever and complex story as I followed Lisa and her son Simon. Lisa’s story is told in two parts, the main one is set in a present day setting. The second is in shorter italicised chapters and this is about her time growing up and is gradually brought up to the present. I do like this style as you tend to get stories that are more in-depth giving the reason behind certain behaviour.

As the synopsis suggests, Lisa is definitely stumped when she discovers that someone has done the very thing that she does to others. The story follows true frustrations, struggles, torments and dangers that she now has to face. Thanks, f it was just Lisa she would know what to do, but she has her son to think of.

This is a slower-paced story and one that I was glad to slow my reading speed down for. It gave me the chance to absorb the story more and understand the character. This was clever and I was so intrigued by it. Following Lisa’s reasoning as to who could be after he led me down so many routes and roads. Not once did I have any inkling as to how the end would play out until the author was ready.

A mystery as well as suspense. I do think it is a thriller and psychological element to it as well. It’s a fabulously twisted story that gradually picks up as the story progresses. It is one that really caught my attention and I would definitely recommend it.

About the Author…

A Londoner in exile, Joel Hames lives in rural Lancashire with his wife and two daughters.

His works of fiction include the bestselling Sam Williams trilogy Dead North, No One Will Hear and The Cold Years, and the standalone psychological thriller The Lies I Tell.

When not writing or spending time with his family, Joel likes to eat, cook, play the piano, and make up excuses to avoid walking the dog. There’s the MMA thing, too, but he doesn’t like to show off.

You can find out more about Joel and sign up to his mailing list through social media or his very own Website


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