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I am delighted to share my review today of Rock Art for Beginners by F. Sehnaz Bac. This is a gorgeous book but only 96 pages and as you can see from the cover it is definitely bright. It was what I spotted when I was browsing on NetGalley 🙂

Transform ordinary stones into works of art with easy and inspirational step-by-step instructions.

Filled with creative exercisesart promptstemplates, and step-by-step projects, Rock Art for Beginners—adapted from the best-selling The Little Book of Rock Painting—encourages interactivity for immediate results, while teaching you the fundamentals in an engaging and fun way.

This beginner’s guide shows you how to gather and prepare your rocks to create masterpieces that are truly one with nature. Written and illustrated by three talented rock-painting artists, the book features a range of contemporary designs to experiment with, from patterns and animals to mandalas and dots. The instructions are easy to follow and invite creativity and originality.

Grab your colours, head outside, and start painting beautiful works of art on stones!


This is a wonderfully colourful e-book that I read. It gives some wonderful pictures of rock and there are some fabulous ideas.

I do like rock art and I am sometimes stuck for ideas. This book has definitely opened my eyes, especially with some of the more intricate designs. The mandalas are stunning, but I am not sure if my hand and eye coordination are quite ready for those ones at the moment.

The book is laid out well, with an introduction that explains the basics, the processes, equipment and some basic techniques. There are some wonderful ideas for basic patterns such as animals, and natural art such as feathers and leaves. If you like a more colourful animal design then this is a good book, there are also more simple mono patterns and designs. While this may not be a large book there are loads of ideas. From basic to incredibly intricate.

This is a book that gives a wonderful glimpse into what can be achieved with patience, a steady hand and imagination. I can see the designs being great ideas for many other crafting projects as well. I would happily recommend this book, it is a lovely one to look through and pick up tips, ideas and designs.


Artist F. Sehnaz Bac is celebrated for her radiantly colourful and charming painted stones, which she sells on Etsy as I Sassi Dell’Adriatico (The Adriatic Stones). Sehnaz has more than 450,000 Facebook followers. She lives in Alba Adriatica, Italy, a small town on the Adriatic Sea.

Her Facebook site is well worth looking at and there are some amazing ideas on there.

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