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I love reading.  I love books.  I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to increase the amount of books I read, I stopped watching television in the evenings and read more instead.  I have over the past few years left very brief reviews of books I had read on Goodreads.  But when i started to take more of an interest in book reviews and groups on Facebook I decided I wanted to write “My thoughts” on books on a blog.

Yvonne Me and My Books was born, according to my other half I have “too many books”, you can never have too many books! As I found my feet with my blog and with Twitter, I have now emerged into a world of inspirational people, with amazing stories.  Instagram inevitably followed as well as changing my Amazon Profile from Private to Public for reviews.

At the beginning if an author or publisher contacted me to read their book, I would read their book within a couple of weeks, now I have a 3 month minimum turn around, how things have changed.

I love taking part in Blog Tour and Book Blitz promotions, it adds another feather to my blogging.  The support from publishers, authors, and tour organisers always astounds me.  I love the non step pinging on my phone as tweets are re-tweeted and comments made, and to the point where the battery has died on my phone while at work!

I have also discovered that my “Usual” genres have changed, I have accepted books that have challenged me have made me step out of my comfort zone, so what I accept does change.  There are still certain things I will not accept and they can be found on my “Review Policy”


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  1. I have read some books and just thinking to make a book review. This website helps me a lot on how to start. Thanks for sharing your thought. It’s incredible.

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