My Last Two Weeks in Books (w/e 21st May 2023) #bookupdates #booklove #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to my latest update of books I have read. I was away on annual leave last week and also visited Mum. It was a good trip there and back and also while I was there I saw the Lancaster Bomber fly over as part of the Dambuster Memorial flight. Living in Lincolnshire when I was younger meant I saw this and other planes on a regular basis, it has been many years since I got to listen and see it.

While I was there I managed to read a few books and a little bit of gardening. Also managed to get a few plants, some bought and some from Mum’s garden. So here are the books I have read over the past two weeks…

The Savage Sisters by Heather Atkinson – is a fabulous gangland thriller that I adored, full review tomorrow.

Revenge by Kerry Kaya – is another fabulous gangland crime thriller. Full review at the end of this week.

Wish Upon a Cornish Moon by Amanda James – this is a wonderful story that is told from different timelines and is a story that is full of magic, intrigue, warmth and romance. Full review this week.

The Last Passenger by Will Dean – was a fabulous story that had me hooked, a locked room mystery set onboard a cruise ship in the Atlantic. Full review this week.

The Orphanage Girls Come Home by Mary Wood -this is the third and final instalment in this trilogy and it sees the girls being reunited. Bringing them back together and also brings their stories up to date. I have adore this trilogy and each book has been amazing. Ideal for fans of historical fiction and romance. Full review as part of the blog tour at the end of the month.

To Die In June by Alan Parks – this is the 6th book in the series and this gets personal for McCoy and he tests the patience of Watson. A tense historical fiction that is a police procedural set in Glasgow. Full review next month as part of the Blog Tour.

Coming To Find You by Jane Corry – I adored this book, I have read all of this author’s books and this is my favourite one to date. Loved this one and the author managed to inject a load of tension and danger throughout this one. Some good twists and a great storyline. Full review will follow soon.

Relentless Melt by Jeremy P. Bushmill – this is a new author to me and this book was a wonderful introduction to him. A mix of detective clue-solving, a little magic and a huge mystery for amateur sleuths to solve. I really enjoyed this one and I look forward to sharing my review later next month.

The Greenwood Poet by Lancelot Schubert – is a collection of poems that I found really interesting, some of them really made an impact on me and were enjoyable. Full review to follow.

There we have it, definitely a mix of genres and topics.

Have a great week ahead

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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