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Welcome to another weekly update of books I have read. I cannot believe it is February already! I have ventured into the garden to do a few jobs, one of which was transferring the compost heap, this will rot down nicely over the months while the new one will be added to. It is hard work when you have to turn the compost, but my goodness it is definitely worth it. There are a few signs of buds and things coming into life again, I just hope the colds snap we are due this week doesn’t do much damage.

Ok, so here is what I read last week…

Crow 27 by Matt Johnson – Robert Finley is back and the author has him returning to the barracks to investigate stolen guns. The thing is he has been warned from getting involved with a suicide investigation at the barracks. This is a brilliant book and I adored it so much I couldn’t put it down. Tense is an understatement for this book and if you are a fan of thrillers and procedurals then this is one that you should have a look at. Full review in a couple of weeks.

The Paris Notebook by Tessa Harris – what an amazing book this was. Imagine if there were a set of notes from a psychologist, imagine that one of the doctor’s patients was Hitler being treated for blindness during WWI. What if this notebook came to light as Hitler began his invasion of Europe. Katja has the job of transcribing this book and the auhtor tells her story and of those she meets. This story does have some factual sections to it and there is a fabulous section at the end for further reading. Absolutely stunning story and the full review will be next week.

Band Wagon by Richard Cobourne – this is the first book in a series. I was sent it along with the second book ready for the Blog Tour. Danny is a journalist, Daisy is a PR for the upcoming tour for Martha. One problem, Martha is missing! This is a fabulous story that follows the mysterious disappearance of Martha. There are some shocks for Danny, one of which leaves him suffering a traumatic event. This is a thriller that goes backstage and into the financing of the deals taken to put on a show. The author has done a fabulous job and I am looking forward to reading the next book – Red Light, Green Light.

There we go, three books this week and all fabulous reads.

Have a great week ahead,

Take Care

Yvonne xx

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    1. Oh definitely better and I spent a few more hours in the garden again today putting the borders back in after they had overgrown. Lovely, sunny and I am probably going to ache tomorrow, but so worth it 😍

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