My Week In Books (w/e 30th October 2022) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another weekly round-up. I discovered the other day that I still needed to relink my Facebook to my Blog. After changing my FB password I completely forgot how many other things are linked to it. I use various phone apps, the odd game, messenger, Instagram and other online sites that I sign in to via Facebook. It made me think about how reliant we have on social media apps and how invasive they actually are. It makes you understand how much of a trail we leave on the internet and how the shopping sites such as Amazon or Browsers use our digital footprint so easily.

We are entering a new month tomorrow, and while it is still quite mild, the weather is quite erratic. The clocks changed for us and luckily for me, I didn’t have work so I had an extra hour in bed. This actually meant I spent an extra hour reading 🙂

Here is what I have read over the past week.

They Lie Here by NS Ford – this is the author’s second book and it is brilliant. What starts out as a hunt for a missing musician ends in something much darker and sinister. I loved this book a lot. My full review will be later this week.

A Gathering of Gargoyles by Misha Herwin – this is the 5th book in the Letty Parker series and it was b5rilliant to catch up with Letty and her gang. To discover the problem of crumbling gargoyles, Letty will use a mix of science and magic to help save the night creatures. Full review next week.

Wicked Girls by Heather Atkinson – this is a book that is part of the Blog Tour in December. No, I am not super efficient or organised, but I am very good at getting the months wrong so I read this one super early. This is a gritty hardcore gangland story that sees two best friends standing side by side and backing each other up. That is until they decide that they actually want slightly different things. A really good story and some dangerous characters.

Queen of Diamonds by Gillian Godden – this is also another book that is for a December Blog Tour. It’s a good job I do check to make sure the dates are right!!! This is another fabulous gangland crime thriller story, this is the 3rd book in the series and it is a strong female lead as its main protagonist. Getting to grips with her dead husband’s business means she needs to get tough.

There we have it.

Have a great week ahead and happy reading,

All the best

Yvonne xx

2 thoughts on “My Week In Books (w/e 30th October 2022) #booklove #booknews #MeAndMyBooks

  1. Great news that you got the extra hour instead of having to work! love the purple cover of They Lie Here and look forward to your review. I deactivated my facebook account about 6 months ago and haven’t missed it, as I wasn’t seeing the stuff I wanted to. I’ll eventually delete it but need to remove all my photos first. I think it will take a while so I keep putting it off. Hope you have a good week. xx

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    1. That cover is gorgeous.
      I use FB for keeping in touch with family and then I have my book page, but I am thinking of doing away with the latter. There is so much unnecessary stuff on FB and I get fed up with scrolling through that to try and find posts I want to see xx

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