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I am delighted to share my review today for The Hike by Susi Holliday. This is a fab mystery thriller that had me hooked from the first few pages.

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Four hikers enter the mountains. Only two return. But is it tragedy? Or treachery?

When sisters Cat and Ginny travel with their husbands to the idyllic Swiss Alps for a hiking holiday, it’s not just a chance to take in the stunning scenery. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with each other after years of drifting apart—and patch up marriages that are straining at the seams.

As they head into the mountains, morale is high, but as the terrain turns treacherous, cracks in the relationships start to show. With worrying signs that someone might be following them, the sun begins to set and exhaustion kicks in. Suddenly, lost high on a terrifying ridge, tensions spill over—with disastrous consequences.

When only two of the four hikers make it down from the mountain, the police press them for their story—but soon become suspicious when their accounts just don’t add up.

What really happened up on that ridge? Who are the survivors? And what secrets are they trying to hide?


What a wonderful setting for a story about two couples trying to sort out their problems while on a hiking holiday in the Swiss Alps. Cat and Ginny are sisters and not so close and their respective husbands Tristan and Ollie are not known to get on that well either.

This story is set more from the viewpoint of Cat, organising is what she does best and her job as an events organiser helps. Ginny is a social media influencer so a lot of time is taken up with the setting and taking the “perfect” photo. Tristan had to work from home during lockdown rather than in the city and Paul has been dealing with stress.

Rather than just dealing with this story as a couples holiday, the author has focused on them as individuals as well. This is great for building up the bigger picture of their characteristics and their traits. But when you have been concealing your true thoughts and opinions for so long, it is difficult to allow anyone else to see the real you!

This is a story that starts with a prologue, and it is fabulous when you then start the story. It gives some really tantalising glimpses into the story that then follows. This story is one that had me hooked, it twisted and weaved around and the author just dropped a few crumbs along the way to steer the path. She has very cleverly allowed information to drip into the story with a glance or barbed comment from a character, it makes the reader’s mind work over time. Well, it did mine as I tried to work out how this was going to resolve itself and who did what and why.

This is a tense mystery thriller that had me on the edge, just as the characters had to occasionally edge along the mountain path. Taut and dramatic with an addictive tale. Full of suspense and a whole lotta guesswork from me. I didn’t work it out until the author allowed me to see the wider scenario.

Fabulous and intriguing. A one-sitting read for me and it is one I would definitely recommend.


Also writes under the name S.J.I. Holliday.

Susi (S.J.I.) Holliday grew up near Edinburgh and spent many years working in her family’s newsagent and pub before studying microbiology and statistics at university. She has worked as a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years, but it was on a 6-month round-the-world-trip that she took with her husband several years ago that she rediscovered her passion for writing.

You can find out more at, or on Twitter and Facebook @SJIHolliday.

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