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I am delighted to share my review today for Thief by Owen Mullen. This is the 4th book in The Glass Family series and it is a series I am loving.

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It takes a thief to catch a thief…
Charley Glass arrived in her family’s lives like the hurricane she’d escaped. But she hadn’t run far enough: the ruthless Giordano family are on her tail and want two things – her life, and the return of the property she stole from them. No matter how many bodies stack up.
After years of longing, Charley finally has the family she’s always wanted, but now she’s going to have to tell them the real reason she came looking them. There is only one way she’s going to stay alive, and that is to employ the muscle of the notorious Glass Family.
The head of the family, Luke, has become embroiled in a dangerous political plot and isn’t sure they’re strong enough to take on one of New Orleans’ biggest crime gangs. But he’d put his life on the line to protect the empire they’ve built – even if they’ll have to take on an enemy hurting enough to cross an ocean for revenge.
Page-turning, gritty, and utterly compelling, Thief is Owen Mullen’s best book yet. Perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, and Mandasue Heller.
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This is the 4th book in the Glass Family series and I would suggest reading these in order as you get more of a sense of who is who. There are several main characters, Luke, Nina, Charley, George and Felix and some from previous books. This story, however, brings a whole new family to the pages and they are not a friendly family.

Charley is a relative newcomer to the series, she is a Glass but one that has just made herself known. She has the Glass determination and stubborn streak and knows how to survive. To be honest, if she didn’t have this then Luke would have seen her as a threat and therefore she wouldn’t be around to have a story of her own.

She has proven her worth and does a great job of running the LBC, a club with a hefty subscription fee. This is where the rich and famous hang out, where the politicians and Heads of businesses and corporations get to mix business and pleasure in various forms.

Luke has been approached for a favour, not something he is unused to, but this one is political. He hasn’t really had to deal with this but the way he is approached is not respectful. It is abrupt and screams of entitlement and expectation. Trying to work out the unknown players and the real money men is something that Luke is good at. It may take time but get there he will.

With this going on Charley’s past suddenly makes an entrance. There is a short piece about this at the beginning of this story, it gives the basics and then jumps to the present day. No one knows the full s
story of Charley’s past, but they are aware she has not been completely translucent.

With a new family on the scene from the US, Luke’s backyard starts to become overcrowded. The Giordano Family want Charley, they don’t care who they have to go through to get her. They, however, do not understand how the Glass Family and others work.

This is my new favourite book in this series, I said it about the previous one, I think! I adore the Glass family and it is a chance to get to know more about Charley. While she does have a more prominent position in this book, it doesn’t mean she is the only focus. I think this is what I like about this series, the author features and focuses, but he doesn’t limit this book to one aspect. Each of the three siblings have their own sub-stories, and each one demands attention. Thank goodness the author manages to wrangle and twist all of the threads together to create such an amazing fast-paced tale.

The Glass family are not exactly legit, there are some legit aspects, some illegal aspects and quite a bit of grey in between. They are a gang family, they have their position in London, their own areas and while things run smoothly all is fine. So bringing in another family was a brilliant move and it showed how someone from a different culture brings their own ideas as to how things work. But at street level, things are different and grassroots are where you learn your lessons and your trade.

Flitting between individual stories of Luke, Nina and Charley was great to see them as individuals and what they have been going through. They are strong but they are also vulnerable. This is a book that is addictive and at times brutal, it is also devious and twisted and at times just very in your face. Brilliant crime thriller in the back streets and clubs of London. A book I would definitely recommend.


Owen Mullen is a highly regarded crime author who splits his time between Scotland and the island of Crete. In his earlier life, he lived in London and worked as a musician and session singer. He has now written 11 books and his first gangland thriller for Boldwood.

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