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I have had a really good week this past week. The weather has been great and I decided it was time to re-start my National Trust Membership. One of my favourite NT places to visit is Godolphin House and Garden. The house itself isn’t always open, but it is the gardens I go there for. I haven’t been for well over 2 years so it was great to return and see how things had changed. It isn’t one of the larger properties and this is why I love it so much. A great place to stop and unwind. listen to the birds, have a picnic and read a book, which is exactly what I did. A lot of the more formal grass areas have been rewilded and it has made such a difference to the insects I was able to see, many moths and butterflies were flittering and tumbling around. I was also quite engrossed in watching a hole in part of the old stone wall where a blue tit was flitting in and out feeding its chicks. I did try to get photos but it was so fast!

Here are a few pics and then I’ll get onto the books I have read…

Each of this week’s books was an amazing one to read. Similar and yet very different, secrets, lies and dilemmas. The final book I had been looking at for over a couple of weeks, it is a non-fiction book. All the books are for upcoming blog tours over the next few weeks.

Airside by James Swallow – crime, suspense and thriller based in an airport. An addictive and mysterious story and one that puts the main protagonist in a dilemma. Definitely recommended.

The Mirror Man by Lars Kepler – is a brilliant book, brutal and shocking at times but completely addictive. A one-sitting read.

Chemical Cocktail by Fiona Erskine – a brilliant and addictive mystery story, secrets, time is of the element and fast-paced. Loved it.

The Gin Sisters’ Promise by Faith Hogan – I love this author’s books and this one is a gorgeous read. Family secrets, anger, but with the hope to maybe start again. Definitely recommended.

Faces We Love – Shanghai by Derek Muhs & Marisa Tarin – is a gorgeous book of portrait photos taken in the city of Shanghai, amazing to look through and each one tells its own story. Definitely recommended.

There we have it, another week done and dusted and also another month has gone by.

Have a fabulous week ahead,

Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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