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Welcome to my weekly update for books I have read. This week has been another great week for books and I have received some wonderful books in the post for upcoming Blog Tours and I cannot wait to read them, as well as the ones on my kindle as well.

It has been a good week and me and He have been able to get on well with sorting out the veg garden. Potatoes, runner beans, peas, onions and carrots were sowed as well as a random row. This random row is all the odds and ends of seeds that have accumulated over the past couple of years. I don’t know why I had a pack of cabbage seeds with only half a dozen left in them, or why the kale only had two seeds in or why on earth I have 8 different packets of lettuce and that 4 packs are unopened! Please, fellow gardeners, let me know I am not the only one who has this issue 🙂

Now to the books…

How To Spot a Psychopath by M Q Webb –

We’ve all wondered about someone… are they… how do I know?

How to Spot a Psychopath is a thoughtful, intelligent, psychological thriller full of conflicting accounts and sharp turns. How to Spot a Psychopath will keep you questioning who is hiding what, and why.

When four-year-old Mia Edwards goes missing on a play date, everyone suspects that Jessica Green knows what happened to her, especially Mia’s mother, Holly, but Jessica isn’t talking.

Psychiatrist, Dr Oscar de la Nuit, is determined to save Jess from the same mistakes he’s living with.

Will Jess lead to his redemption, or will she be his downfall?

Is Mia safe, and will Jess be able to return to the life she had before?

The Weekend Getaway by Hannah Ellis

A weekend break changes everything…

The chemistry between Keira and Noah is instant. It only takes one date for Keira to realise there’s something special between them.

When Noah invites her to a family party in his hometown, she eagerly agrees, and by the end of their weekend away she’s absolutely head over heels. Not only for Noah but for his close-knit family and the stunning Isles of Scilly.

There’s just one problem: Noah’s about to move back home and his plans can’t be altered.

It’s too early in their relationship to make life-changing plans, but if they stand a chance of being together, one of them is going to have to take a leap of faith.

Can love triumph over location? And when following your heart, how far should you go? 

The Caretakers by Amanda Bestor – Scott

Set in a wealthy Parisian suburb, an emotionally riveting debut told from the point of view of six women, and centred around a group of au pairs, one of whom is arrested after a sudden and suspicious tragedy strikes her host family–a dramatic exploration of identity, class, and caregiving from a profoundly talented new writer.

Paris, 2015. A crowd gathers outside the Chauvet home in the affluent suburban community of Maisons-Larue, watching as the family’s American au pair is led away in handcuffs after the sudden death of her young charge. The grieving mother believes the caretaker is to blame, and the neighbourhood is thrown into chaos, unsure who is at fault–the enigmatic, young foreigner or the mother herself, who has never seemed an active participant in the lives of her children.

The truth lies with six women: Geraldine, a heartbroken French teacher struggling to support her vulnerable young students; Lou, an incompetent au pair who was recently fired by the family next door; Charlotte, a chilly socialite and reluctant mother; Nathalie, an isolated French teenager desperate for her mother’s attention; Holly, a socially anxious au pair yearning to belong in her adopted country; and finally, Alena, the one accused of the crime, who has gone to great lengths to avoid emotional connection, and now finds herself caught in the turbulent power dynamics of her host family’s household.

Set during the weeks leading up to the event, The Caretakers is a poignant and suspenseful drama featuring complicated women. It’s a sensitive exploration of the weight of secrets, the pressures of country, community, and family–and miscommunications and misunderstandings that can have fatal consequences.

Theatre of Marvels by Lianne Dillsworth

Crowds gather at Crillick’s Variety Theatre, where curiosity is satisfied with displays of intrigue and fear. They’re here for the star of the show – the Great Amazonia warrior. They needn’t know this warrior is in fact Zillah, a mixed-race actress from the East End fooling them each night with her thrilling performance.

But something is amiss, and when Crillick’s new act goes missing Zillah feels compelled to investigate, knowing the fates that can befall women in Victorian London.

From the bustle of the West India Docks to the coffee houses of Fleet Street to the parlours of Mayfair, Zillah’s journey for answers will find her caught between both sides of her own identity, and between two men: her wealthy white admirer, and an African merchant appalled by her act.

Will Zillah be forced to confront the price of her own performance? And in risking everything can she also save herself?

Featuring a defiant heroine for our times and a theatrical world of fragile dreams and ruthless ambition, THEATRE OF MARVELS shines a light on the experience of being Black and British in Victorian London through one woman’s journey to live her life on her own terms.

There we have it, four books this week and my total currently stands at 60 read so far this year.

Have a fabulous week ahead and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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  1. I think it’s amazing that you have such a green thumb! Mine isn’t quite black but it’s a color that doesn’t occur in nature, that’s for sure.. Best of luck with your garden. 😊
    And I’ll definitely be adding ‘How to Spot a Psychopath’ so.. thank you!
    Happy Easter.🌷

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