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Welcome to another weekly round-up of books I have read over the past week. I also wish to thank those people who shared my posts at the end of the week I haven’t been around much so it has been very appreciated. We were very lucky with the weather, but we had also prepared for windy Eunice. Bins and things that could be moved were and gates were not only bolted as normal but also tied up as well. Apart from power blipping on and off a few times, we battened down the hatches and stayed put. Living in Cornwall, we are used to the winds, luckily this time we were on the East side of the county and missed the worst of the gusts.

The next stage of getting our house warmer is due to start next week. We have already had the walls and attic insulated so now we are due to have heating put in. We only have an open fire that is too expensive to heat just one room up, so we have been using oil radiators. Next week will see proper heating installed and we can’t wait. A bit nervous as well though considering the price increases though.

Onto the books…

I have read a couple of books by Thomas Enger but not read any by Jรธrn Lier Horst. I have, however, seen many good reviews about this partnership. Unhinged is the third book in the Alexander Blixx & Emma Ramm series. I read this as a stand-alone and it worked really, re4ally well and I enjoyed it. I do wish that I had read this series in order though, I get the impression that this is a brilliant series. Ideal for crime, thriller and police procedural readers and my full review will be out on Thursday.

I have to admit this is a book that I saw and thought, Yep this is definitely me ๐Ÿ™‚ a book about plants, I mean that does encompass two of my passions, then realising it was a historical fiction I was in 7th heaven ๐Ÿ™‚ The Plant Hunter by T. L. Mogford is brilliant. Set in 1867 it follows the journey of a plant salesman as beings a journey that will transform his life. If plants, historical fiction, adventure reads with some romance and danger is what you like, then I think you will like this a lot. Full review on Friday.

The cover for this book is so effective and is ideal for the story inside. If She Wakes by Erik Therme is a tense suspense and mystery story that is very twisted in places and also deals with many different challenges. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and I will be looking out for more. Another review that I will be posting this week.

This is the 6th book in the Cornish Saga series and I have read most of them. The Cornish Captive by Nicola Pryce is a historical fiction, saga and romance read. I am really enjoying this series and this one is a gorgeous and also quite sad read. Our leading lady in this novel has been mistreated over several years but she has a chance to set the record straight. This is not going to be easy and it is dangerous. Who to trust is a major theme in this story. Full review next Monday.

There we have it, historical fiction, crime, adventure, romance, a nice mix of genres again this week.

Wishing a Happy and safe week ahead to you all,

Yvonne xx

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