My Week In Books (w/e 6th Feb 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

Hello and welcome to another update of books I have read this week. It felt like a slower reading week, but I have been watching stuff for a change. I am currently binging on Amazon Prime’s Reacher series. There have been a few versions of this series, but I do have to say Alan Ritchson is possibly my favourite Jack Reacher…

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And I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that he has to have several changes of clothing!!!!!

I also watched the new Dune, I am a real fan of the 1984 David Lynch version…


there have been others that are ok. I was a bit dubious about the new Denis Villeneuve one, but it is brilliant. I have watched it twice already and it has only been here for 2 days.

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Now on to the books I have read…

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I do love the cover of The Hemlock Cure by Joanne Burn and it was the cover that caught my eye when I first saw it on NetGalley. This is the story of the plague of 1665/6 and the Derbyshire village of Eyam. I really enjoyed this book. It is a mix of historical fact and fiction, superstition and mistrust. At times this is quite dark and mysterious. Keep an eye out for my review later this week.

From a slow start, Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt turned out to be a very mesmerising read. I was so glad I stuck with it as it was a fab read. See my full review HERE.

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Once again Lindsey Hutchinson has created a wonderful historical fiction/ saga story with The Runaway Children. Life isn’t easy, some have it better than others. Just because you live in a house, with clothes and food doesn’t make it a home or a safe place. A full review will be out next week, it is a heartbreaking story that fans of historical fiction and family saga’s will enjoy.

There we are, another week done and dusted.

Have a great week ahead,

Stay Safe and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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10 thoughts on “My Week In Books (w/e 6th Feb 2022) #booklove #bookupdates #MeAndMyBooks

  1. “And I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that he has to have several changes of clothing!!!!!”

    Uh huh. Not sure who you’re trying to convince there 🤣.

    The Hemlock Cure and I did not get on at all. I was so disappointed.

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    1. So I wasn’t very convincing then? 😉 It filled the gap that Witcher left though 😍🤣

      I did see your review of The Hemlock Cure and I was a bit worried as I know we have similar tastes in reading, it really worked for me . But we can’t all like all the books we read xx

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      1. Still haven’t seen the second season of The Witcher. I need more plot 😏. Definitely checking out Reacher later, even though I’ve never read the books.

        We can’t and I’m glad your experience was different from mine. 😘

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  2. I saw Dune twice at the cinema! Can’t wait for part 2! I did watch the David Lynch version recently but didn’t like it that much, although it does look and feel more like the book.

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    1. I watched Lynch’s version years ago several times, and agree that it is more with the book., although it is also many years since I last read that as well! It is only when I watched it recently I realised how dated it feels. This new one is great visually and I think this is what makes it work so well.

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      1. Yes it was so amazing to see on the big screen! And the music is fantastic. I love it that science fiction films can finally do the books justice, the special effects etc always liable to be disappointing for older films.

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