My (last two) Week in Books (w/e 30th Jan 2022) #booknews #bookupdates #booklove

Well, it has certainly been an interesting couple of weeks, last weekend I couldn’t actually get to my computer to sort out my post for my weekly update of books I had read. We had the builders in sorting out the internal wall insulation. Moving furniture was fine, the work they did was great, but the dust afterwards!!!!! A couple of days to move stuff out of the way for them, a week to put it all back again. It hasn’t been fun, but it has given me a chance to sort through a lot of the clutter.

So this is what I read over the past two weeks…

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I am really enjoying reading Gillian Godden‘s books and Diamond Geezer is another fabulous crime read. Once again this author has done an amazing job with her latest gangland crime thriller. This one was so addictive that I read it in one sitting, it then took me several hours to digest the finale! Definitely did not see that coming! Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour.

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Another author who I really enjoy reading is Rosie Clarke and A New Dawn Over Mulberry Lane is the latest one in the series. The author has gradually woven the stories of the family and friends in this series through the years. The author enters another decade, London 1958 sees another generation stepping up and stepping out to embark on their own lives and careers. Another one that is part of a Blog Tour.

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Years ago I used to love reading the Judge Dee books by Robert Van Gulik, so I was intrigued when this cover. The Shadow of the Empire by Qiu Xiaolong is a historical fiction mystery novel set in 7th CEntury China. A slower-paced but enthralling read that I really enjoyed. It was good to be able to revisit this character.

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Samantha Tonge has woven a wonderful story around three generations of women who come to live together, in, Under One Roof. This was a story that deals with different opinions, views and perspectives as well as revealing some home truths. There are some tough subjects that are dealt with, but it has been wonderfully blended with a touch of humour and sarcasm. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour.

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Vampires do not exist. Everyone knows this. So it’s particularly annoying when they start popping up around Manchester . . . this is such a great tag line for This Charming Man by C. K. McDonnell for the second book in The Stranger Times series. The Stranger Times is a newspaper that reports on the obscure, the weird, the wonderful and the unbelievable. A wonderful second book that I was extremely fortunate to receive a paperback copy of from the Publishers. A full review will be in the middle of February.


Jane Linfoot is an author who writes some wonderful heartwarming contemporary fiction novels. Her latest one is Tea For Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen. This is a gorgeous story about restarting life, a new setting and finding the belief that you are enough as you are. I had originally requested and been approved for this one via NetGalley but saw there was a spot on the Blog Tour that the organiser was happy for me to take. The full review will be in a couple of weeks.

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Alison Menzies got in touch regarding a science book she had. She does know I do like the odd science book and she wondered if I would like a copy of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Universe… And Our Place Within it by Andrew Newsam. While I am not scientifically minded or understand much about it, I am however curious. As I have been interested in watching the news about the James Webb telescope, this book was the perfect thing for me to read. I have to say that it was also really a brilliant book to read. Broken down into basics from the dawn of time through to an almost present day. A journey across time and space, the birth of stars, planets and also what the future may hold. My full review will be out in the middle of February.

There we have it, two weeks worth of reading.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed now I can finally reach my computer again 🙂

Take Care, have a great week ahead

Yvonne xx

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