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Welcome to another week of the books I have read this week. It has been a chilly week down here in Cornwall and on the lizard we have had plenty of rain, sleet, wind, some hail and some sunshine. No snow, which part of me is kind of glad about, but I also would love some so I can take some snowy photos!

So, books this week has seen another good week. I have read some for Blog Tours and for NetGalley . I am hoping to read some of the ones of my own TBR at some point…

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I do enjoy a good saga and Rosie Clarke has a new one in the Mulberry Lane series. I do like this series and following the changes over the decades. Stormy Days on Mulberry Lane is set in the 50s and some new characters join the regulars. A fabulous hist/ fic series and one I would definitely recommend.

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This time of year I start looking ahead and planning the veg and flowers that I hope to plant for the upcoming season. A Woman’s Garden by Tanya Anderson is a brilliant book that I requested on NetGalley, I loved this book a lot and I have since pre-ordered it as it is that good. This is a book that includes gardens from various countries and is full of growing tips, planting and also what to do with the things you have grown. AS I love crafting there are various projects and crafts that I am planning on trying. This is a fabulous book and I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy.

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I have read a couple of Cally Taylor‘s books before so when I saw this one I decided to give The Island a go. It is Young Adult read but I have to say it works for adult readers as well. It is a suspense ridden novel that had surprises and twists as a group of teens find that being alone on a desert island is not the trip they thought it would be. An excellent read and one that I found difficult to put down.

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Are you looking for a new series? if so then why not look out for An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer in her Detective Kate Young Series. Kate is damaged, vulnerable but also the best at her job which is why she has been asked to come back into work. For me, this isn’t your usual damaged copper scenario and it took a while for the full implications to be unravelled. A story of two parts as I got to know about Kate and then as I read about her investigation. A complex story that has been brilliantly woven to make a very addictive read and left me eager to read more in this series.

That’s me done once again for another week. I am part way yhtough a book that I may finsih by the end of the day but you’ll get to see that one in next weeks round up.

Have a great week ahead and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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