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Welcome to another week of the books I have read. Looking over the past week I shocked myself as I managed to read 6 books! Yes 6! To be fair however, 2 of those were non-fiction and were books that I was able to dip in and out of.

So here is what I have read…


I had my review for this book up yesterday, hence me being a day later than usual with this round up post. The Darkness Within by Graeme Hampton is a police procedural that has a mix of current and also historic crimes that Denning and the team are investigating. A slower -paced and absorbing read.

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Eat Better Forever by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a book I kind of liked but also one that left me a little disappointed. Half the book is about whole foods, what should be eaten, the benefits and all that sort of thing leaving the last half for recipes. Some of the recipes were very basic indeed and I felt that while they did have a reason for being in the book, they didn’t warrant whole pages. I did like the look of a lot of the recipes, but this is more a book about lifestyle changes rather than recipes.

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Owen Mullen is an author I will auto-read, in other words I won’t read the synopsis I will dig straight in. Family is his latest book and it is centred around the Glass Family, a crime family with Danny at the head, running the show. Full of corruption, feuds, infighting, and obvious criminal elements. Brilliant and very, very addictive reading. Full review as part of the blog tour.


Another addictive read was Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardener. The main protagonist is Frankie Elkin, a recovering alcoholic who finds missing people. She isn’t a cop, reporter, a PI, she is just a woman trying to find people who have disappeared. This was a gripping story and I didn’t realise that there are actually people out there in the real world who try to find missing people, not for gain or fame just because that is what they want to do. Totally addictive and such a brilliant book.


I do like my garden, both the veg and the flower growing so when I saw No-Waste Composting by Michelle Balz up on NetGalley I requested it. I do have a compost heap, yeah its a heap and it is contained in a wire frame work. As most gardeners know, one compost is never enough and even though mine is two sections I do need a bit more space for this years waste. This book is good as it does give various tips and advice as well as ideas for making a new composter. Recycling or upcycling materials as well as other really interesting info is included. A handy up-to-date book that would suit new and existing gardeners.

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Wow! Jack Probyn doesn’t hang around in The Conspiracy, talk about a fast-paced crime read or what! The pace does actually suit the story as rookie detective Jake Tanner races against the clock to catch a gang of thieves. This is the first in a planned series and one I am looking forward to and to see how the series pans out. Keep an eye for the the Blog Tour for this one.

Well there we go folks! An interesting week on the book front and this get me to double figures on my challenge for the year!

Wishing you all a great week ahead, Take care

Yvonne xx

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