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Wow! End of November has arrived and thi9s means I really need to get my Top Reads of 2020 sorted. Unlike the year 2020, books have been a constant thing, they haven’t let me down, they have been a source of enjoyment and have really helped me. I know many others have felt this way over these past months, I also know that some have also struggled with reading. Luckily for me I have kept reading, I have had the odd week where I may have only read 2 or 3 books but I have kept reading.

After last weeks festive theme, I am back to my usual mix (I know a certain someone will be pleased to see this and hopefully is still talking to me! You know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚) So this week the is some crime, a bit of fiction, a dash of dystopian and a non fic to add into my literary cocktail.

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I am a huge fan of this author and Bliss Uncovered by Tony Forder is a prequel to the much loved Bliss series. This is a chance for the fans of DI Bliss (AKA Bliss-ettes) to step back in time to when Bliss was younger. I was dubious about this novella but after a few pages I was hooked. I am wary of prequels that are written after a series is already up and running but I am so glad the author knows what he is doing, and he does it so well. A packed novella that I would definitely recommend. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour.

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Another favourite author of mine is Lucy Coleman, The Villa of Dreams is a wonderful book set in Portugal as Seren starts a new job in a new country. This is such a gorgeous book that not only takes in the sights and culture of Portugal but also incorporates art, fashion and of course a lovely romantic theme. If you have read any of Lucy’s books then you will love it and get ready to be transported. Fabulous read and you’ll be able to see my full review as part of the Blog Tour.

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This is a new to me author and I have just been looking at his other books and I am pleased to see there are lots more out there. Containment by Nick Thacker is asked to investigate a deadly virus to see where it came from, and the virus turns out to be man made! This is set after Covid and it is mentioned a couple of times, but not dwelt on. This is a fast paced read and yes there is some science but it has been kept at a manageable level so that it doesn’t overtake the story. A cracking read and very addictive. I will post my full review soon.

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There is something about steam trains that bring out a nostalgia in many people. I have been on a few steam trains while on holidays and there is something magical about them and this book is a fabulous insight into not just steam trains the the railways. When I looked further into Julian Holland I discovered he has written a vast array of books. While railways and trains may not be everyone thing I thoroughly enjoyed the historical trip back in time. Quite an addictive read, well one I have been reading over the past couple of weeks actually! I was fortunate to receive a hardback copy, its gorgeous, and I think it would make a great gift idea.

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Well another week done. Have a fabulous week and Happy Reading

Yvonne xx

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