My Week In Books ( w/e 25th oct) #lovebooks #recommendedreading

Another week has been and gone and i think we can definitely say that summertime is over. We have had a lot of wind and rain over the past few days so it is good to snuggle down in the warmth with a good book and I have read three excellent books this week.

Regular visitors to my blog will know I am a big fan of Tony Forder and I love his Bliss and Chandler series. Fifteen Coffins is a step away from from his fabulous series and I thought it was brilliant. It see’s Sydney Merlot, FBI Special Agent coming home to wrap up her fathers Private Investigator business. Going through the last few cases on his books and also looking into a fathers determination of his sons innocence. This is a cracking read and keep an eye out for the Blog Tour for this one. Pre-order HERE release date 2nd Nov 2020

Leopold Borstinski is another regular author on my Blog, Casino Chiseler is the 4th in the Alex Cohen historical fiction series and it is another fabulous read. Set in 1940’s America, Alex makes his way to Vegas to start fresh with his old colleagues after a spell in Sing Sing. Vegas is the new area of speculation for those that run racketeering, profiteering and gambling. A step up for Alex but the same problem is always in the background, who can be trusted? Brilliant series and brilliant read, keep an eye out for the Blog Tour. Order your copy HERE

This is an author that is new to me and The Phoenix Project by Michelle Kidd did not feel like a 618 page read as I absolutely blasted my way through it. This is a brilliant read that is action packed and adrenaline fuelled all the way through. A mystery, crime thriller that is heavy with deception, lies, conspiracy secrets and multiple government agencies. It was refreshing to read a book that didn’t have weaponry details and just focused on the story and what a twisted story it was. Secret upon secret, lies upon lie made it intriguing and very hard to put down. Keep an eye out for the Blog Tour for this one. Order a copy HERE.

Another week done, another month nearly over. I wish you all a brilliant week ahead and Happy Reading,

Take Care, Yvonne xx

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