My Week In Books – or rather My Two Weeks In Books because I forgot :) #MeAndMyBooks

Yes I could try and find a reason for why I didn’t post last weeks weekly book round up but in all honesty I forgot. By the time I remembered it was dinner time on Monday and I was due to go to bed ready for my night shift.

So here is what I read for the week ending 4th Oct…

One Fatal Night by Helene Fremont was set in Sweden and it had a noirish feel to it. You can read my full review HERE as it was on my Blog yesterday. A story that is mysterious and full of dark secrets, quite fast paced and enjoyable reading that I would happily recommend.

I have been looking forward to catching up with the creations of Caroline James and it was an absolute pleasure to read Boomerville at Ballymegille. Once again Caroline has absolutely nailed it with a fun read that does have its sad moments and risky ones as well, but so well balanced and just a fabulous read, I loved it and would most definitely recommend it.

This is a book I have been looking forward to reading and it was absolutely brilliant. The Nesting by C.J Cooke is a mystery with a folk tale gothic feel to it and the setting of a creepy old house in the middle of the woods in Sweden adds to the atmospherics. A fabulous cover and a fabulous read.

Well three books read for the week I forgot. Now onto what I read last week…

Dead Perfect by Noelle Holten is the third in her her D.C. Maggie Jamieson series and it does continue from where the last book left off. It has a different feel to the previous other two and has a more personal feel to the main protagonist of Maggie. The case has more of a police procedural and also Maggie is right in the midst of things and trying to keep her head above water. Another excellent read in the series and one that I would happily recommend.

The Chalet by Catherine Cooper had me hooked very quickly as the story of a 20 year old mystery is finally solved. This was intriguing and had me guessing as the full implications that are finally revealed. Some shocks and twists in the time slip story and a cracking read that I would definitely recommend.

The Tea Room on the Bay by Rachel Burton was a delightful book that kept me reading and only stopping to eat my tea, a lovely story of community, friendship, tea and a romance. Ellie doesn’t find running the tea shop plain sailing and the author has some wonderful characters to join her to create but a really lovely story and one that I would definitely recommend.

Occasionally a non-fiction will catch my eye and it is always a surprise when one does as I don’t actively hunt down specific subjects or themes. Rough Magic – Riding the world’s wildest horse race by Lara Prior-Palmer is a fantastic book that I absolutely adored. Lara decided that at 19 she would take part in one of the toughest endurance races in the world. It involves 100km on 25 different horses over 7 days her impulsive decision probably helped her as well as her determination. An absolutely brilliant book and once I had finished reading it I hopped over to google to find some videos to put faces to the names in the book. A story that I would absolutely and most definitely recommend.

A good range of 7 books over 14 days, mystery, thriller, humour, romance, adventure and all excellent reads, some for Blog Tours and some from Netgalley so keep your eye out over the next few weeks for the reviews.

Have a wonderful week and I wish you all the best and happy reading

Yvonne xx

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