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Hello and welcome to another week of bookishness. Like many people I have been getting on with some baking. It is something I regularly do, although I admit that I occasionally used to make my own bread, I am now making it regularly.

The bonus to making homemade bread is that I always make enough for two 1lb loaves, now as there are only two of us it is a bit too much. There is however, method behind my madness… half the mix makes up a loaf the other half gets made into my version of Chelsea Buns and they do freeze down well.

As it was Easter I also decided to try my hand at Hot Cross Buns. Now I know what the Other Half is like for buns and cakes and when the recipe said the mix was for 12, I knew straight away I had to double the mix and that way I could freeze some down.

You may notice there is one of the Hot Cross Buns missing… well I had to make sure they tasted okay and the best way is when they are straight out of the oven, it did and yes I burnt my tongue. Oh the suffering I have to put myself through…πŸ˜‹πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Right, let me show you the books I have read this week…

Last week I had just started to read The Memories We Buried by Helene Leuschel and I quickly found myself caught up in it. This is, as the title indicates, is about memories and with memories come secrets and what a compelling read this book was. There is a good psychological thread through it as I discovered more about the main characters and gradually started to see the bigger picture. Excellent read.

I read The Wheelwright’s Daughter by Eleanor Porter for the upcoming Blog Tour. This is set in Elizabethan England and is the start of a series about Martha and the village she lives in. An unfortunate event has the finger of blame pointed at Martha and there are accusations of witchcraft.I really enjoyed this book and even though I did feel it was a little on the slow side due to it being the start of a series, it did capture my attention and I found myself eagerly reading. The only downside was the bit of a cliffhanger, but this has the effect of leaving me wanting to know what happens next.

Another first in a series book, well actually its a trilogy, The Book of Koli by M.R. Carey. Now I have read this author before and was blown away by The Girl With All The gifts, its such an amazing book, so when I saw there was a Blog Tour for him I immediately signed up. The Book of Koli is a dystopian and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it again has a slower pace as it is the first book and therefore sets the groundwork for what is to follow. I got to discover more about Koli and the community he lives in. It is told from his perspective and for me it worked so well. The world the the author creates is great and I am waiting eagerly for the next books.

I could have sworn I had read this author before but it seems I have books that I have bought but have yet to read, I do know I am not alone in this either. Willow’s Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano was a book that I immediately got caught up in as I discovered all about Willow and her dreams of marrying long-term boyfriend Charlie. This author has written a story that at first glance looks like a rom com, and yes it does have that feel to it, but it is also deceptive in the way the characters have been used. A story that kept me on my toes as I tried to work out who was telling the truth and… I’m leaving it there as I think I could quite easily give away to much. Keep an eye out for the blog tour.

So, what am I currently listening to…

Well, I have never read any of these books, I have tried a couple of times to read the first one in the series and for some reason they don’t capture my attention. I have seen the films and yes I enjoy them and when I saw that Audible Stories had the first book to listen to for free I hopped on over to have a listen. Now I have to say Stephen Fry is an amazing narrator and I loved this version.

Well, it’s Harry Potter & The Philopsohper’s Stone by JK Rowling. In fact i am enjoying it so much I used one of my Audible Credits to buy my own copy, and while I was there used another credit to buy the second book as well.

Well that is me done for the week, I am not sure which book I am going to pick up next, so I wish you all a great week ahead.

Yvonne xx

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