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Welcome to another week of books I have read. As we all struggle to come to the reality that is the world at the moment, I like others worry about what will happen.

There are many free resources out on the internet at the moment. One of them is for Audible Stories, it is a resource that has been made free and there is no sign up required. It is aimed at children but it has some Classic Stories that I am a big fan of. I am currently listening to The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett, a childhood favourite of mine.

Here is the link for Audible Stories or you can just type Audible Stories into your browser.

Anyway, to the books I have read…

On last weeks round up post I was just about to start Mine by Clare Empson, and what a cracking read it was. It is about family relationships as an Luke finds and meets his birth mother. It is a story that was very addictive and you can read my review as part of the Blog Tour at the end of the month.

What a wonderful read From Venice With Love by Rosanna Ley was. It the story of sisters, family and secret letters from a past era. A wonderfully evocative read that I absolutely adored. Keep an eye out for my review.

This was such a good book, but I do think that it will not be for everyone especially given its subject. Goldilocks by Laura Lam is a story that is so current. Earth is dying as climate change and disease are rife, see what I mean about it being not for everyone! But it is a book that is more about the relationship between 5 women and for me this was the book was about, as well as the obvious disease and climate threads.

What a brilliant book Clover Cottage by Christie Barlow was. It is the third book in the Love Heart Lane series and yes you could read it as a stand-alone, but why would you want to miss out on the previous books. This story focuses on Rory and Allie, about the dreams and their futures. A brilliant read.

If you like your crime to be macabre then you need to have Killing Pretties by Rob Ashman on pre-order, its released on 30th March and is a fantastic read. A thriller that has such a great psychological aspect, its brutal and fantastic but definitely not for the light hearted, it had me wincing a time or two!!!! Absolute belter of a read.

Audio-books read listened to…

I finished The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, it was a good listen and then I did watch a film version based on the book that I found on Prime Video.

Then I listened to the first story in the Sherlock Holmes Collection – A Study In Scarlet, I love Stephen Fry as a narrator and he really adds some wonderful dynamics.

The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett is a story I loved from childhood. I will admit that Audible Stories is not as good to use as Audible where I can download my book, streaming a book means I have to remember my place when I next listen so I can forward to my place again.

Many thanks for reading my post, I wish everyone a safe week ahead.

Stay Safe –

Keep Reading –

Stay Home.

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