My Week In Books (w/e 26th Jan) #MeAndMyBooks #BookNews

Welcome to another week of what I have been reading. Over the past few weeks I have been moaning about how January seems to take to get through and now suddenly we are almost at the end!

So something really exciting and special happened to me this week, if you follow me on Facebook you may have noticed my post! I got super excited as I submitted a short story to Emma Mitchell for consideration for the next Help 4 Heroes book and it was accepted! I am still in shock!!!!

I never expected it to be accepted at all and it made me wonder… How many of you have a story that has been sat there, that you have taken the time to write, that you are too nervous to send? This was me as well. If this is you then do something about it! Be brave!

Now then, to what I have been reading…

The Southern Belles by Katie Simpkins

This was the next book I was only just about to start when I wrote up last weeks Update post. What did I think? Well I loved it! It is a brilliant read and threw up some unexpected surprises, in a good way I may add. It was a riches to rags story that followed three sisters who suddenly found themselves out of their home, very little money and having to work for a living. This is the first in The Brighton Belles series and I am really looking forward to reading more. Keep you eye out for my review for the Blog Tour soon.

Are You Watching by Vincent Ralph

This is another Blog Tour read and has quite a modern feel to it. Jess uses a You Tube reality series to highlight that her mothers killer has never been caught. Using the show, she hopes to get more information and possible leads for finding the Magpie Man. This is a YA book that is tense and at times dark and I really enjoyed it.

Going Rogue by Nail Lancaster

I have been looking forward to reading this one, it is the 2nd in the Tom Novak series and i had recently read Going Rogue which was the first one. In Going Rogue, Tom goes to prison, I should say he is undercover at this point. He is trying to infiltrate a group responsible for bombings. This is another action packed read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This is where I would normally share what I am going to read next… but at the moment I am not sure what it will be yet. It may be another Blog Tour Book or it may be one from my own TBR!

Well that is me done for the week, so I wish you all a good week ahead

Yvonne xx

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