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Today I have “Sweet Home Summer” by Michelle Vernal. Published by Harper Collins and available in e-book format from Amazon UK. I would like to take the time to thank Harper Collins for accepting my request to read this eARC on NetGalley


Sometimes, home really is where the heart is…

Leaving behind her hi-flying career in London, Isla Brookes has had enough. Burnt out and tired of an unfulfilling profession and lousy boyfriends, it’s time for her to go home.

Arriving back in cosy Bibury to stay with her grandmother, Bridget, everything is charmingly familiar. Even her childhood sweetheart, Ben, is as handsome as she remembered…

And when she discovers a stack of long-forgotten Valentine’s Day cards, Isla, with the help of Ben, begins to realise exactly what is most important in life.

My Thoughts:

This story did take me a while to get into, I got confused over where the character was as she seemed to flit all over the world as the locations changed leaving it feeling a little disjointed, but then it settled just as Isla did and I started to get a feel of what the book was about and where it was heading.

There are a few characters in this book and I loved Bridget and she is such a wonderful sounding woman who made me chuckle on so many occasions. There is a time-slip element to this story as Bridget tells Isla of her life and some of the memories of the 1950’s. You really get a good story from Bridget’s perspective about the time, history of the town and life.

Once the plot started to make itself known you begin to get an idea of what it is all about. The community makes itself known in various ways as new plans and the way in which it rallies comes into play. I did kind of know where the story was going before I got there but sometimes it’s about the journey and I was taken through some really heartwarming moments as family truths and secrets were revealed. Sometimes the past is best left there, other times it really does need to be confronted and accepted.

This is a heartwarming and enjoyable read that takes you through the lives of two women and is a story I would recommend.

About the Author:

Michelle Vernal loves a happy ending. She lives with her husband and their two boys in Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s a city that is slowing rebuilding its happy ending. She’s partial to a glass of wine, loves a cheese scone and has recently taken up yoga―a sight to behold indeed. Her books are written with humour and warmth and she hopes you enjoy reading them.

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