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Today I have an extract from”Everyone Works In Sales” by Niraj Kapur to share with you as part of the Blog Tour by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources.  Everybody Works in Sales is designed to help you do better in your career because we all work in sales. Available now on Kindle and paperback Amazon UK. A book that’s helpful for many in all different walks of life.


We all work in sales. If you work for somebody, you earn a living by selling their product or service.

If you are self-employed, you earn a living by selling your product or service.

When you buy from Amazon, they always recommended other products similar to the ones you are purchasing or have already purchased – that’s selling.

When you download a song, movie or TV show from iTunes, they always recommend more similar products. That’s selling.

When you register for most websites, they sell their products or services to you through a regular email.  

When you attend an exhibition at the NEC, London ExCel, Olympia, Manchester or even a local market, everyone is trying to sell you their product.

We all work in sales, yet few people know how to sell. Until now.

Containing 27 valuable lessons, plus 17 interviews with experts, Everybody Works in Sales combines unique storytelling and personal development to ensure you have the tools you need to do better in your career.


The problem is, most jobs don’t get us out of bed. They drain our energy and often leave us feeling helpless.

I called up a few entrepreneurial friends for advice. After 23 years, did I really want to keep working in sales? It had provided me a good life, however, I had recently been burned. Was this a hint? A quiet whisper?

Was I meant for something better in life?

If so, what?

I went to all the amazing independent coffee shops in Milton Keynes to enjoy a cup of Joe and slice of Victoria sponge cake with friends that had taken up entrepreneurial ventures. Once you have a child, the thought of going back to the daily grind doesn’t appeal to most people. The men I spoke to returned to work and, of course, they missed their kids, but they were glad to get back be to their routines.

The women were different.

The thought of being away from their child who they carried in their stomach for nine months, gave excruciating birth to, and in many cases, breastfed for years, was not an option. No 9-5 job was worth going back to for that. Some had tried, come home late at night and not seen their babies all day. On payday, the money they earned went to commuting, food and childcare. Nothing was left over. What’s the point of working hard if you are simply paying for childcare and never see your loved ones?

The entrepreneurs in Milton Keynes made me proud. Sure, you have to work longer hours with your own business than 9-5, however, you decide those hours, you work around the family. That’s pretty amazing way of looking at things. You may not have the salary you once had, but you have something better – freedom to make your own choices. How do they do it? Well, initially, many had no choice. They didn’t have parents who were business people. They decided the life they wanted and build their career around that.

Watching friends give up the corporate grind so they can have a cheese toastie van to feed lunchtime workers and be back for the school run was inspiring. Well done Aida and Bob of Good Times Café.

Observing another friend become of the top bloggers in the country with her website offering advice to writers and novelists. The awesome Lucy V Hay of Bang2Write.

Another friend does the best burgers in town with his incredible flavours and still has time to spend quality time with his wife and bring up the kids together. Congratulations Jonathan Duff of Bandit.

I had no business skills and with my wife being self-employed, the thought of having two entrepreneurs in the family was too risky. Maybe I could have a good life working for somebody else.

Here’s the life I want

  • Be a good dad and husband.
  • Give more value to others.
  • Earn enough money to take care of my family.
  • Enjoy three holidays a year, two in the UK, one holiday abroad.
  • Increase my charity donations from £4,000 to £8,000 a year.
  • Have a boss who isn’t an idiot.
  • Get a dog.
  • Spend 1 hour a day with family 6 days a week.
  • Provide value to others in sales and coaching.
  • Avoid small deals.
  • Work on big accounts for big money.
  • When I have a holiday, enjoy the holiday and don’t spend time working.
  • More money I earn, more money I can give to charity.
  • Find a boss who shares my values of company culture and family.

After 2 months of searching, applying for hundreds of jobs on LinkedIn, having over 20 interviews in London, every company ticked 1 or 2 boxes, but not all boxes. If you settle for second best, you end of up somewhere awful…

… but time was running out. After 2 months of job hunting, we had 5 weeks of money left in my account and it takes 4 weeks to earn salary in a new job – that meant I had to find work in a week or else my mortgage would default and our home was in danger of getting repossessed.

About the Author:

Everybody Works In Sales - Niraj's business photo 2018.jpg Award-winning executive, Niraj Kapur, has worked in corporate London for 23 years.

From small businesses to a national newspaper to FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, he’s experienced it all and shares his insight, knowledge, big wins and horrible failures.

Containing 27 valuable lessons, plus 17 interviews with experts, Everybody Works in Sales combines unique storytelling and personal development to ensure you have the tools you need to do better in your career.

Niraj has also had several screenplays optioned, sitcoms commissioned, kids’ shows on Channel 5’s Milkshake and CBBC. His movie, Naachle London, was released in select cinemas across the UK.

He’s working on his next book while advising companies and coaching individuals on how to improve their sales.  Follow at @Nirajwriter

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