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I sometimes cannot read all the books I would like to ” The Torcian Chronicles : Defiance” by P.J.Reed is just one of those.  So here is a little information about it instead.  It is available in paperback and also eBook format and can be purchased by following THIS LINK. Many thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for bringing a book to my attention that, I may not have time to read yet, but is on my list for the future.


Mesham sits dejectedly in a tiny garret above an inn, as the lands of Torcia fall to the magically-enhanced army of the infamous Mivirian Horde. One of the last surviving ancient warlocks of Torcia, Mesham knows he is marked for death.

The Torcian king knocks on Mesham’s door later that evening and offers him the chance of rejuvenation in return for a seemingly impossible mission into the heart of Mivir. Mesham reluctantly agrees, only to realise the evil of Mivir has spread to the very top of the Torcian government.

As Mesham undertakes his quest to complete the mission, he finds himself hunted by his king, by the mighty Torcian warbands, and by the Horde.

But he cannot fail, for the fate of Mesham’s beloved Torcia rests in his hands.

About the Author:


P.J. Reed – Writer of warlocks and other magical creatures.

P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University and an MA from Bradford University. She has been widely published in anthologies and collections.

She is an extremely eclectic writer.

She writes speculative fiction based on fantasy worlds filled with magic, intrigue and adventure. Her horror writing spills into dark fantasy worlds and explores the darkness of the creatures that walk amongst us.

To balance her dark writing P.J. also writes haiku and senryu based on her observations of living in the ever changing Devon countryside.

P.J. Reed currently lives in Devon, with a handful of teenagers, one feral cat and a dog called Fizz.

Explore her

Fantasy – http://fantasyworlds.jigsy.com

Horror – http://wickedpoetry.jigsy.com

Poetry – http://pjreedwriting.jigsy.com

P.J. Reed is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PJReed_author


Many thanks for reading my post, if you liked it please give it a share.  Or get a copy of this amazing sounding book and let me know what you think 🙂 xx

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