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I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for Disposal by David Evans.  This is available in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon UK.  My thanks to Caroline at Bits About Books for my spot on the tour and the author for a copy of the book.


August 1976 and it seems as though the long hot summer will never end. Early morning at Clacton on the north Essex coast, a light aircraft takes off from the airstrip but struggles for height and crashes into the sea. First on the scene, Sgt Cyril Claydon pulls the pilot’s body from the wreckage. But something else catches his eye. A bulky package wrapped in black plastic is on the passenger seat. Returning to investigate, he makes a grim discovery – another body. And so begins a series of events that puts him and others in danger as he is drawn into the investigation, having to work alongside DI ‘Dick’ Barton, a man with totally alien attitudes. Can they work together?

My Thoughts:

It’s August 1976 in Clacton, Essex as Sgt Cyril Claydon and PC Sam Woodbridge sit in their panda car waiting for their shift to end.  It is at this moment a light aircraft crashes in front of them.  They find the pilot dead and the passenger is wrapped in black plastic! The case is passed to DI John “Dick” Barton and due to staff shortages, Cyril is asked to help with the investigation.

Oh this is such a good read, so evocative of the 70’s from the clothing, the mannerisms, the setting and the cars, it screams the 70’s. I was born early in that decade and have some memories of the hot summer and what was going on at the time.  This is a good classic good cop- bad cop detective read, with mentions of the TV show “The Sweeney” and music of the era, this helps add to setting up the scene.

The plot stays within the style that has already been set and has a great pace as the story unfolds.  With chases, leads to follow and bad guys to catch.  Cyril is the mild-mannered, pipe smoking copper working with the loud, brash and rude Barton.  These two are the main characters and work well with their contrasts. With the addition of undercover work and  “dodgy dealers” you get a real feel for the decade.

If you want a great paced, well written read that transports you back to the 70’s this is the one for you, it harks back to the old 70’s cops and robbers TV shows.  It has all the essential ingredients you would expect to find, the good cop – bad cop routine, boozy, heavy smoking, loud coppers mixed in with the nose to the grindstone ones, there are some good baddies and wonderful snippets of things in the news at the time.

I absolutely loved this book from start to finish.  I would like to express my thanks to Caroline and David for my spot on the tour and my copy of the book.  My views expressed are my own and are unbiased.

About the Author:

David-Evans-150x150David Evans is a Scots-born writer who found his true love as well as his inspiration for his detective series in Wakefield. Having written all his life, in 2012 he decided to go for it – successfully as the next year, in 2013, he was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award.

The Wakefield Series became an International Bestseller in June 2017 with success in Canada and Australia as well as the UK. But now, whilst The Wakefield Series awaits the next instalment, David Evans has written Disposal, the first in The Tendring Series, a completely new detective series set in north Essex in the 1970s.

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