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Cant stop the

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This is the next instalment from Hiller and his Detective Cadillac Holland series. (I have included links below, for reviews of the previous books.)   Again Hiller uses the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as the back drop to this story, and it plays an important role in his stories.  This one has a different angle for Cadillac to deal with,  it is based around the Lower 9th ward of New Orleans.  Developers are hovering like wolves to buy up land and homes to make a profit, some actually are doing this for the communities and other are aiming to price out the poorer families.  The are various ways this can be done, as Cadillac soon finds out, as he his handed a case to look into.  Nothing is actually illegal, but it is unethical. He has the help of his sister Tulip and also a family friend Kate, the team soon discover the various ways in which realty developers work, the ways property can be “flipped” and how underhanded people can be when money is involved, especially when a local man is arrested for a drugs offence.

There is something about the way this author writes that I really like, there is no flowery unnecessary extras or dramas, I think it is his almost matter of fact style that I like most, he gives all the information in a very clear, concise way, incorporating various plot twists along the way, making really great reading.  Given the topic of property deals and property development, Hiller has managed to break them down into basic and manageable terminology without loosing any thread of the story.  I think this is where his style of writing works really well, he has taken what he needs without going into information overload, but kept the details in layman’s terms.  The information is given by his characters as they learn the facts of the case and this makes it very readable.  Hiller has shown how people are vulnerable and can so easily be taken advantage of, and how they could be seen as easy targets, but he also shows how they have strength when they are a community.  He has developed his characters very well, and also added more details to the main characters from previous books, this ongoing development I really like. The pacing of the story changes according to the situation and suits the various scenarios.  This is a not a blood and guts crime/mystery story, it is a well thought out and well laid out book, keeping me turning pages from start to finish.  At the time of writing this, there is only one more book to go, I am really hoping that there will be more.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the author for my copy of this book, my thoughts and review are my own and are honest and unbiased.


Louisiana State Police Detective Cooter Holland’s sense of justice tends to come with unintended consequences. NOPD’s Chief of Detectives wants to know who is trying to buy the new home the Make It Right Foundation built for his favorite sous chef. The Lower Ninth Ward has suddenly become the hottest place to build a house in New Orleans. The ideas the city’s newest residents have about the troubled neighborhood’s future seem intent upon once again displacing the city’s poorest citizens, many of whom are still grappling with Hurricane Katrina’s lingering aftermath. It’s an election year and condominium developers and the local king of gentrification have the favor of the City Council. It’s up to Detective Holland, despite his ‘talent’ for making a mess of things, to investigate something that isn’t a crime and avoid stirring the city’s treacherous political waters.

About the Author

H. Max Hiller’s restaurant hospitality career began with a cooking job on Bourbon Street at the age of seventeen. His resume now includes many of New Orleans’ iconic dining and music destinations. Max uses a lifetime of characters and anecdotes to add depth to his Detective Cooter Holland series. He now divides his time writing between his home overlooking the Mississippi River and working as a chef aboard a boat traveling America’s inland waterways.



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