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A great debut book, full of suspense, lies, revenge and hope.

The song 99 Red Balloons links unknown characters to each other in this story, it is a song that reminds them of certain people, and at certain times in their lives. The story alternates mainly between Maggie and Stephanie as well as an unknown voices from a child, a man and a woman.  After a child is abducted, we are told of the events that occur after by Maggie and Stephanie.  Missing person reports circulate in newspapers, on television and on the internet, it opens old wounds for one particular family.

This is a very well written story with some really good dialogue scenes, I could actually hear the voices as I read.  The characters have been well developed and on the whole are memorable.  I did get a little confused in the beginning with the “unknown voices” chapters, as I had no idea who they were and they caught me a little unawares.  But as the author progressed with the story, it then becomes obvious to the reader, why these have been left nameless.  This is a definite stories with in stories book, the author has done a really good job of keeping them separate until absolutely necessary, she kept me guessing throughout.  These sub stories have given this book a really good depth and, it’s not until the author starts to pull the threads of the story together, do you then actually start to realise how deep and well thought out this story is.  I had jumped to conclusions early on, and was completely wrong on most of my them.  It is really nice to be blindsided as a reader, again it is down the ability of the author to lure you down one route of thought, when actually they have been distracting you.

This is a great start for this author on her debut novel, and this is an author I will be keeping an out for in the future. It is a book I would recommend to readers of a reasonably intense Thriller / Suspense genres.  Even though there are aspects of kidnap involved, it has not been done in a shocking or over the top way. The author has focused her writing on that of the family left waiting for news.  I would also recommend this to Reading Groups, there are many aspects of this story that would make for great group discussion points.

I would like to take this time to express my thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books UK for my eARC of this book.  My thoughts are my own and are honest and unbiased.





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