#BookReview | Brewing Up Murder by @NeilaRocks

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I give this book a happy 4 star rating.

This is a really good lazy day book, perfect, if like me you like to read while sat in the garden or in front of a fire, with a large mug of coffee, or in my case a cafetière full of coffee.  It has a very enjoyable storyline, with a couple of red-herring leads thrown in. As I said this is a more relaxing and refreshing read, a murder /mystery with an extra shot of chick-lit thrown in for good measure, a complete opposite to hard-core gritty and violent murder books.

It is set in Wilton, Missouri, its claim to fame being a 50 year unsolved serial killer case.  This attracts visitors, researchers and amateur sleuths to town, hence the number coffee shops.  Sisters Blake and Kyle are residents, Blake a coffee shop owner and Kyle a Police officer.  Throw in various family members and friends, that contribute in various ways, especially when the body of an employee is found on the premises.  When other events occur, it takes Kyle and interfering sister Blake to find any evidence of a link, but with no actual real evidence it becomes difficult.  Difficulties get worse as friends are looked at under a different light, and are effectively suspects.

There are quite a few characters in this book, there are some very well described quirky traits and characteristics given to the cast.  It has made them memorable and easy to identify as you progress through the story.  It is set at a very good speed and I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I would recommend to readers who enjoy a light-hearted murder mystery and chick-lit genres.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the author Neila Young for bringing this book to my attention.  My opinions are my own, they are unbiased and honest.


As the owner of Mystery Cup Café in Wilton, Missouri, a town made famous by a string of long-ago murders, Blake Harper is used to the mysterious. When her barista is found strangled in a mound of coffee beans, Blake vows to find the killer, even though her sister, the town’s lead police detective, tells her to stay out of it.

Blake finds plenty of suspects, like the owners of a rival coffee shop and the handsome new bookstore owner. But when new threats are made, she soon realizes the danger is centered around Mystery Cup and someone is targeting her personally.

Will Blake be able to solve the murder, find a new barista, and perfect her recipe for espresso brownies before she becomes the next victim?


Neila Young is a Midwestern girl and a lover of coffee, live music, and horror movies, not necessarily in that order.
Writing (and reading) mysteries are Neila’s passion, and she approaches each day by thinking, “everything is a story.” She has been writing all her life and can’t remember a time when she wanted to do anything else. She loves to take notes and spin tales about the quirky characters she meets, and she has found that she can create some great stories by asking “what if” and “suppose that…”

Neila studied journalism at the University of Kansas then spent many years suffering the trials of corporate America, writing about everything from financial risk management to software user manuals to website copy about radiators (sadly, that’s not a joke). She finally decided to take the plunge and write the cozy mysteries she loves so much, complete with recipes!

When Neila is not writing, she’s probably hanging out at a coffee shop or fighting evil with the help of her very supportive husband, two awesome children, who constantly ask to have characters named after them, and the most lovable dog in the world, Dizzy.

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