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The Cardinal's Man.jpgI would like to thank Lina Langlee for inviting me to take part in the Blogtour of “The Cardinal’s Man” by M.G.Sinclair and published by Black & White Publishing


I loved this book immensley, my raing is 5 stars.  This book starts in 1608 in Carmoches, Normandy with the life of Sebastian Morra, born with dwarfism.  We are told of his early life and the prejudice shown because of his differences to other people.  His parents are poor and manual labour is the only work available to him.  But due to his size, his physically unable to complete the majority of tasks.  As the years pass he leaves his village and heads to Paris.

He manages to gain employment in the court of King Louis XIII as a court performer.  His performs in front of royalty, nobility, high ranked, famous and infamous.  Including the notorious Cardinal Richlieu, he becomes an asset to Richlieu, his lack of physical ability does not hold him back, but his intelligence propels him forward.

From poverty, he now mixes in the same environment as the most rich and wealthy and most influential people in the country.  This is where his usefulness comes in, as most people do not even notice him. His world changes as he begins his liaison with Richlieu, Master of deceit, of spies, murder and embezzlement.  Showing Sebastian the behind the scenes view of what happens in decision-making, especially at a time when France is at war, has the plague and is in civil unrest.

The author has changed some timelines in history to make the book more readable, he openly admits this, it is after all a story of historical fiction.  But it works very well to give a very good read.  I really enjoyed this book and was addicted from the first few pages.  The way that the author has used history and given an alternative account of what could have happened is very good.  The characters are mostly known from history and are well-developed, but Sebastian was a wonderful character, at times I felt sorry for him, at other I thought he was cocky and arrogant.

I would highly recommend this book for readers of Historical Fiction, and also crime/mystery readers would probably enjoy this as well.


A spellbinding story set in Cardinal Richelieu’s France

It’s over a century before the Revolution and France is under siege. The Thirty Years’ War has spread across Europe, alliances are stretched to breaking point and enemies advance on every side. And while Louis XIII sits on the throne, the real power lies with the notorious Cardinal Richelieu.

Now, with Richelieu’s health failing and France in grave danger, salvation may yet be found in the most unlikely form. Sebastian Morra, born into poverty and with terrible deformities, is a dwarf on a mission. Through a mixture of brains and luck, he has travelled far from his village to become a jester at the royal court. And with a talent for making enemies, he is soon drawn into the twilight world of Cardinal Richelieu, where he discovers he might just be the only man with the talents to save France from her deadliest foes.

The Cardinal’s Man is a spellbinding story of France in the time of Richelieu and provides us with a very different kind of hero, a dwarf with the wit of Tyrion Lannister and three foot four inches of brazen pluck.



MerlinSinclair2016_1_Credit_Orlando_Gili.jpgThe credit for the author photo is Orlando Gili.

The only child of two writers, M.G. Sinclair grew up in a world that revolved around literature. Breaking the family tradition, he rebelled and joined the corporate world, where he worked as a copywriter and marketing executive. However, unable to escape the inevitable, he has now completed his debut, a historical novel inspired by a trip to the Prado in Madrid.




Published: 11th July 2017
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781785301094
RRP: £8.99

Available from Black and White Publishing

Or as an e-book via Amazon

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