Blood Sisters by Jane Corry


I would like to thank Netgalley for my ARC of this book for my unbiased and honest review.


Alison and Kitty are half sisters.  Alison’s mum had met and married David and then along came Kitty, same mum different dad.  At school Alison is the studious, serious one. Kitty the arty one. Kitty is daddy’s princess, and their mum, not wanting to upset David, lets the obvious favouritism go.  This does not help the tension between the girls. But things change when there is a horrible road accident, Kitty is left severely brain-damaged, in a wheelchair and unable to do anything for herself, she can only mumble incoherently.

The story revolves around the two girls alternating chapters that fill in the story from both perspectives.  It gives a full account of their lives as children as well as present day events.  What seems a basic story soon twists its way into something more sinister.  Lies that are told though a person’s life have a habit of coming back to haunt and they can also leave scars.  The past will never remain hidden, you have to deal with it to be able to move forward and move on.

This is a very good story.  The characters are very well described and are easy to remember due the use of nicknames, or key characteristics.The plot of the story line has a number of subplots running throughout, when you think you have solved one little mystery, you find it is something else entirely. But they have been cleverly brought to a satisfactory conclusion, and then there is another twist. Thoroughly enjoyable read, a good page turner with several “didn’t see that coming moments”.

I would recommend this book to readers of Crime, Thriller and Mystery genres.  Also some good discussion points for reading groups.



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