Flesh Evidence by Malcolm Hollingdrake



Set in Harrogate, a kidnapping occurs of a teenage boy.  When some body parts start turning up in jars of honey, DCI Cyril Bennett knows he has a unique kidnapper and murderer on his hands.  The jar contain cryptic notes that have biblical and Latin terminology, these are to lead and confuse the police onto other disappearances.  The story leads you through the lives of suspects, but nothing is straightforward or obvious.  There are red-herrings scattered throughout this story  keeping the police on their toes and pushed to their limits.  Added pressure of trying to find the next victim, identify the kidnapper and unravel all the leads keep the police frustrated.

This is the 3rd in the series of DCI Bennett books.  I have not read any of the previous books in this series so read it as a standalone book.  It works very well as a stand-alone, there is no need to read earlier books, though I will be looking to read more of them.

The story rolls along at a good pace containing lots of twists and numerous red-herrings.  As you progress the story will keep you guessing and second guessing.  There has been obvious research for this book, such as; Latin, biblical and some chemistry, though nothing that will confuse the reader.

I would recommend this book to readers of crime and mystery.


An explosive, edge of your seat, crime thriller
In Harrogate things are about to get weird.

Jars of honey containing pieces of tattooed flesh are the first clue in the search for the whereabouts of a missing fourteen-year-old boy. Then another boy goes missing and further jars of honey are discovered.

Serial kidnappings taking place in Harrogate and the culprit is unlike any other Bennett has dealt with before.

A number of leads seem to be going nowhere and the police are running out of time.

Can Bennett and his team catch a psychopath before any more damage is done?

This will be his toughest case yet.


Kindle Edition, 201 pages
Published December 19th 2016 by Bloodhound Books
Edition Language English

Book 1: Only The Dead

Book 2: Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate was previously published as Sweet Taste of Evil. It’s an explosive crime thriller that will appeal to fans of authors like Ian Rankin, Robert Bryndza, Mel Sherratt, Helen H Durrant and Mark Billingham.