The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days by Juliet Conlin



This book I give a 5* review for.

This is an unusual story.  It follows the life of Alfred Warner, nee Werner he was born in Germany.  He has been witness to the persecution of Jews and the rise of the Nazi party.  He was a POW in a camp in Scotland and has lived in the UK up until 6 days before his death when he arrives back in Germany.  The journey is for the purpose of meeting his granddaughter Brynja, the two have never met.  The narrator of the story is Julia, she comes across Alfred while he is a little confused and lonely.  She helps him in a way she could never have imagined.  She is the teller of his story and,will be the one who shares his family’s  secret.

It’s a story that relates Alfred’s’ time in this world from his childhood through and up to his death.  It leads from the just before Julia meets Brynja back to Brynja’s childhood.  Also the six days that Julia will know both of them.  this story has a good balance of several emotions, good and bad ones, as well as some of regret, it is heartwarming as well as heartbreaking.  It is all the things that a person would go through in life, with the exception that Alfred has a little something extra in his life.

This is a beautifully written book, the author is a great storyteller.  The style of writing has a good flow as it passes backwards and forwards through the characters histories.  It gripped me almost instantly, and easily held my attention, and when I found myself nearly a the end of the book i didn’t want it to end.  I knew what the end was for Alfred, but he had become such a likeable person I didn’t want to say goodbye to him.  But is was wonderfully written with a sympathetic and touching feeling to it.

This is a book I would have no issues recommending to other readers. Look forward to reading more by this author.


Approaching 80, frail and alone, a remarkable man makes the journey from his sheltered home in England to Berlin to meet his granddaughter. He has six days left to live and must relate his life story before he dies…

His life has been rich and full. He has witnessed firsthand the rise of the Nazis, experienced heartrending family tragedy, fought in the German army, been interred in a POW camp in Scotland and faced violent persecution in peacetime Britain. But he has also touched many lives, fallen deeply in love, raised a family and survived triumphantly at the limits of human endurance. He carries within him an astonishing family secret that he must share before he dies… a story that will mean someone else’s salvation.

Welcome to the moving, heart-warming and uncommon life of Alfred Warner.


Paperback, 442 pages
Published February 23rd 2017 by Black & White Publishing
ISBN 1785300822 (ISBN13: 9781785300820)