The Judas Cypher by Greg Dragon


*I would liket o thank Netgallery for this ARC  for my honest and unbiased review*


I gave this a 4*

When a planet becomes polluted through the actions of humans, how do you clean it to make it more habitable ?

The solution was to create and build synthetics humans ( synths ), or androids, who look and act like human beings.

When they have done their job, what then happens to them ?

They become recognised but have no rights.  They are employed as waitresses, babysitters, maids, taxi drivers, jobs that do not require a high level of skill.  They are worked long hours for little pay.  Not everyone likes them or accepts them, but there are some that are sympathetic.

Dhata Mays is a bounty hunter and private investigator in the employ of active police officer Jason Dale.  When a body is dicovered Jason calls on ex policeman Dhata to help him with the case.  They initially think it is the body of a syth, but when it is discovered that it is a human, and a judge with it’s spine removed things take a turn for the worse.

The trail of the killer leads to the underworld of gangs, criminal bosses and power mad individuals.  It will need the help of both human and synthetic to discover why a spine would be removed with surgical precision.

In a futuristic world where people have ICL’s (Internal Contact Lens) implanted in their eyes to access internet and personal computers, cybernetic enhancements and body parts are the norm, the power struggles are the same ones that have always been around.  It is just now the struggles are between Human and Synthetic.

Given the subject matter, it would be easy to think that this would be a very technological reliant story.  But it isn’t, is does have a few terms, but none that leave you in confusion, and a glossary at the end to recap is handy.  It has a good solid plot and an all round good murder / thriller.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend.


In a war between man and machine, he must find a way to protect them all…

After a devastating war forced humans to rely on synths for survival, the two have learned to coexist peacefully.

Until now….

When detective Dhata Mays is called in to investigate a homicide, what he uncovers threatens the serenity of this futuristic society. The gruesome murder means only one thing: someone is ready to incite another war. Now, it’s up to Dhata to ensure that the truth stays hidden—to protect both sides of the battle. But can he be unbiased in a black and white world that forces him to take sides?


Published March 23rd 2017 by Thirsty Bird Productions
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