A Margin of Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1) by Greta Boris


* I recieved this ARC from Netgalley for my honest and unbiased review*

Expected publication June 13th 2017

MY REVIEW: I gave this a 4*
Gwen Bishop is a real estate agentwho has landed a dream listing, only problem is the dead body in the bedroom, it’s the body of another estate agent.

Her husband Art is an acting principle of St Barnabas Lutheran School, if he wants the job to continue he will need the support of his wife at school functions.

Between juggling their jobs around their family of three children something will give. Neither of them want to lose what they have built up in their carrers, and cracks start to show in their marriage.

The murder of the estate agent is similar to others in Texas. This gives Art the excuse that Gwen should scale back her work or stop altoether.

There is alot going on in this book, with lots of quick chapters. The perspective of the murderer gives an insight into his life and his feelings, that gives him the justification for doing what he does. The story focuses more on Gwen than Art, giving her a better character, but there is enough abou Art to show him as a compassionate and caring man.

The story is about a relationship that is under pressure from work, murder and the lusting after what you want. Whether it is a sale, the better job or what you rightfully think is yours. I didn’t see the murderers identity in the story, when he was unmasked it was very subtle and had to go back , re-read that section to make sure i had read it right.

Because there are alot of quick chapters the story unfolds a little slower, allowing the characters to develop, and started to quicken up towards the end. A good read and would definitley recommend to others.


Gwen Bishop lands the listing of her dreams – a multi-million dollar beachfront property. It is a perfect property. Perfect, that is, except for the secret in the basement and the dead body upstairs. Not willing to be denied her victory (and hefty commission), Gwen swears she will sell the dream house…or die trying.


Expected publication: June 13th 2017 by Fawkes Press
ISBN13 9781945419218
Edition Language English