Thoughts on my reading year so far.

I have so many books this month that i would like to read.  I have had quite a productive year, 30 books read.  I have set up a Twitter account, a WordPress blog, joined Netgalley, been more proactive with Goodreads, and planning on being more so with Amazon.  I have read old classics, new thrillers, apocalyptic zombie thrillers, fantasy, non-fiction, modern fiction, just released books,yet to be released books, been around for hundreds of years books.

I have reviewed with honesty and have enjoyed pretty much all of them.  When i review with Goodreads i have a pretty high star rating.  I have been lucky to find the books i read are books that really interest me.  Either through the blurb or more often from other reviewers listing their reviews. Also you cannot ignore some amazing covers ob books.

For me a good book is like buying a pair of shoes or a new outfit.  You have to like them, they have to fit, but sometimes it’s good to try something a little bit different.