Ensnared by Rita Stradling

Kindle Edition, 380 pages
Expected publication: April 2017
Edition Language

I would like to thank Netgalley and Rita Stradling for sending me an ARC copy in return for an unbiased review.

This is a sci fi meets Beauty and the Beast story. There are several aspects of this story i liked. It is very similar to I,Robot by Isaac Asimov in the respect that Artificial Intelligence is the common theme.
An AI robot is developed that has ethical limitations, but through it’s own personal advancement is able to reprogramme itself to a point where it can manipulate people into doing what it belives is the right course of action.
The theme of the story is that a robot is built by a gambler in the image of his daughter, Alainn. The robot Rose 76GF, manipulates Alainn into going to stay with Lorcann, a mega rich buisnessman, under the premiss that Rose76GF will facilitate Alainn’s release after two weeks. Only problem being that Alainn has to pretend that she is Rose 76GF. It is soon obvious that things are not quite going according to plan and we are then taken through the fear that computers will one day become programmers of people rather than th other way round.
As the story progresses more is learnt of Alainn’s childhood trauma, this is as a result of her fathers gambling problems. She is the odd one out in her family, as both her brother and father are computer programmers, whereas Alaiin is not but loves the freedom of the mountains. She has her own demons to deal with from her past. This is also true of Lorcann, but his demons are alot more severe. His childhood was traumatic due to an overbearing mother. He has never been outside in his life. He lives in a hermitcally sealed tower, completely germ free, with a paranoia that is extreme as far as touching or being in the same vacinity as something that could be potentially a contaminate liability.
This story flows along quite nicely, there is nothing that is complicated in the terminology, the basic ideas seem to work quite well and i did enjoy the story. It covers a few aspects that i found interesting, such as the possibility of automatons becomming so advanced that they become the dominant race. Also the psychology of Lorcann because of his inability to interact with other people due to his looking different and because of his possibily of catching something due to his poor immune system.